Work when you want

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Mach1 is making it easier than ever to make money by automating and digitizing the roadside assistance industry. You don't need a tow truck to change a flat tire or bring someone gas. You choose the services you want to provide, and you choose when you want to work.

Service provider Benefits

There are lots of reasons to become a service provider:

  • Competitive pay base
  • Weekly pay
  • Safety training
  • Automated dispatch
  • GPS to customers
  • Work when you want
  • No motor clubs
  • In-app communication
  • Insurance available
  • No phone call dispatch
  • No price haggling
  • No flat rates
  • Rewards programs

At Mach1 our motto is people helping people. We believe there are good people in the world that would want to help others, we're just rewarding you for doing so. We are committed to solving some of the major pain points in the industry and giving the good and hardworking guys and gals a break.