“People Helping People”

At Mach1 We Believe
the roadside assistance industry can be improved
by making it on-demand and automated.

We got rid of subscriptions and annual membership fees and the manual dispatch process where someone haggles the price to come help you.

Our motto is “People Helping People.” And we believe that there are good people in the world that are truly willing and want to help others. This is the foundation that our company is built on.

Mach1 Services motto is “People Helping People.”


Create a symbiotic network of customers and service providers through an on-demand roadside assistance mobile app that automatically dispatches providers based on consumers needs and provider expertise.


To create and maintain an on-demand roadside assistance app that connects customers with service providers through an automated system of dispatch and service.

Rick Narpaul founder and CEO of Mach1 Services

Rick Narpaul

Founder & CEO

Rick Narpaul is an entrepreneurial executive with more than fifteen years of progressive professional experience and responsibility with documented success in the areas of sales and marketing at various organizational levels. Rick prides himself on his ability to be self-reliant, a goal-oriented strategist whose dedication, perseverance and vision promote success. With an exceptional professional work history exemplifying his excellent organizational abilities, and proven record of completing difficult projects on schedule and under budget; Rick adheres to a mantra that seeks innovative and practical solutions to everyday challenges.

Laura Narpaul is the Co-Founder & President of March1 Services

Laura Narpaul

Co-Founder & President

Laura Narpaul has extensive experience within such roles as Director of Marketing and Marketing and Media Director. Laura has overseen various marketing and advertising efforts while facilitating teams and financial budgets. In addition, Laura’s vast experience also include competencies within digital marketing, social media marketing, multi-channel marketing, extensive customer service, and community outreach. Laura’s professional experience also includes the management of new and existing customer relationships while building a strong customer base through multiple avenues and ensuring customer satisfaction.