What can Mach1 Technology do for you?

Mach1’s patent-pending process helps you deliver roadside assistance with true automation!  

    The Future of Roadside Assistance

    You’ve built a brand, now put the technology behind it to really move it forward!

    Mach1 offers custom packages based on your needs. You can harness the technology we’ve built for your business.

    We offer:

    White label, software license, and co-branding

    • Automated dispatch via proprietary dispatching system
    • In-app communication
    • Vetted & insured providers
    • GPS tracking for provider & customer
    • Faster response
    • Payment processing


    Things you won’t have to deal with:

    • Call center dispatch costs
    • Manual dispatch- long wait times for customers
    • Provider management costs
    • Price caps and extra charging
    • Accounting costs to pay service network
    • Manage customer experience
    • Communication with customer/provider