Mach1 Service Providers

Are vetted and insured, and know their stuff. Our network is comprised of shops, mobile mechanics, locksmiths, independent tow trucks, and other talented people that are qualified to come help you.

About Our Providers

Mach1 Service Providers comprise our network of talented individuals ready to help you get back on the road. From shops & tow truck companies to mobile mechanics and independents, our providers are ready to bring you the best roadside assistance experience possible.

Mach1 is veteran owned and veteran provider supported.

Veteran Supported

Mach1 is veteran owned and veteran provider supported. We believe in providing opportunities to all members of the military who have served honorably.  If you are a veteran we’ll waive any onboarding fees to get you started as a Mach1 Service Provider.

Safety is Our Goal

All Mach1 Service Providers are vetted using a seven-point candidate check. We screen nationally, statewide, and even at the county level, to bring you the most trusted providers available. Our providers and insured and trained in safety practices so when you’re on the side of the road, they’ll know how to help.