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San Antonio-based Mach1 Services Roadside Assistance app launches on IOS

San Antonio-based Mach1 Services has launched its app on Apple's iOS platform.

The app, which has been in development for the last two years, will have an initial service area in Austin and San Antonio, with Corpus Christi...

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Homegrown roadside assistance app ready for soft launch in San Antonio

Mach1 Services is set for a soft launch of its roadside assistance app in San Antonio in June after two years of development, raising capital and recruiting service providers.

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Mach1 Building A National Roadside Assistance Provider Network

The makers of Mach1, a roadside assistance app in the final stages of beta testing, are recruiting service providers for a nationwide network. The app will offer eight services: tow truck, out-of-fuel, lockout, dead battery, flat tire, mobile mechanic, trip inspection and a local non-emergency police connection. Service providers can offer any combination of those services and are not required to have a tow truck.

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The Uber of Roadside Assistance, Mach1, Now Recruiting Service Providers

The first of its kind, fully automated and on-demand roadside assistance app is now recruiting service providers for a nationwide network.

Mach1’s app dispatches the closest service provider in real time through a patent-pending process and dispatching system. The sophisticated algorithms connect customers to providers for their roadside assistance needs.

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10 Industries On The Cusp Of Technological Disruption

8. Automotive Industry "The automotive industry is ripe for disruption. We’ve already seen huge strides in recent years, largely due to autonomous vehicles, but we’re also starting to see traditional manufacturing companies morph into tech organizations. Like every other sector, the auto industry is learning to use the latest innovations to streamline processes."- Tammy Cohen, #10 "...Seeing startups such as ... Mach1 Services shows tangible signs that 2019 may be the year for mainstream adoption and transformation in one or both of those markets. - Bret PiattJungle Disk

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San Antonio startup builds new roadside assistance app

As Mach1 Services prepares to introduce its app in August and September, the company is looking for investors to help the company grow beyond its initial San Antonio-area launch.

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The Couple Driving Change in the Roadside Assistance Industry

Mach1 Roadside Assistance is the first app of its kind to truly automate the roadside assistance industry. It's patent-pending processes dispatch a service provider based on proximity and expertise, cutting down the infamously long wait times associated with roadside assistance.

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Mach1 Services to disrupt roadside assistance, Takes aim at, Honk and AAA

Mach1 Services The "Automated" On-Demand Roadside Assistance App announced their upcoming launch. Mach1 eliminates the dangers & frustration of the current model & digitizes roadside assistance. Mach1 is founded by Rick and Laura Narpaul. The powerhouse team brings a vast background of business ownership, sales, management, military, and marketing experience to Mach1. Their combined efforts and drive make Mach1 destined for success.

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