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Win an autographed basketball by Lonnie Walker IV

Now is your chance to become a part of the future of roadside assistance On-demand.
Mach1 is getting you back on the road safer, and faster than ever. Download the Mach1 App for on-demand roadside assistance with no membership fees available on iOS and Android.
Please note only Mach1 will announce the winner. Any other page that contacts you is fraudulent and not Mach1. Mach1 will never ask you for card details.
Good luck Spurs fans!
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Roadside Safety improved by MACH1 Innovation

SAN ANTONIO, TX— It’s estimated there are over 2 million Veteran-owned businesses in Texas, making up roughly 8% of the total companies in the U.S. Vet-owned businesses are an extension of the service given to the country, and the need to support the organizations run by veteran servicemen and women cannot be overstated. For that reason, Texas Innovators will continue to share the stories of innovation from Veterans and how their endeavors are shaping the entrepreneurial landscape in Texas.

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Best Women Leaders of 2021: Laura Narpaul

Industry Era Magazine has culminated into one of the most sought-after Technology Magazines that can guide organizations correctly towards business productivity.

Article showcasing Laura Narpaul #President & #CoFounder of Mach1 Services #Best #Women #Leaders #2021year
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Lonnie Walker IV to greet fans at Lamar game

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Spurs guard Lonnie Walker IV will be on hand at UTSA's home opener on Saturday at the Alamodome to greet and take pictures with the first 300 fans at the Mach1 booth from 3:30-5 p.m. Walker will meet the first 300 fans in line at the Mach1 booth – located at the south gate of the Alamodome – pregame, taking photos and giving fans a chance to receive an autographed mini-posted and a chance to win an autographed basketball. Fans will need to download the Mach1 phone app and create a free customer account, then present it to the Mach1 staff at the photo booth.

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Lonnie Walker IV and more at the UTSA football game

SAN ANTONIO — Spurs fans here is your chance to meet Spurs’ Lonnie Walker IV and snap a photo with him.
Walker and San Antonio-based company MACH1 are putting together a meet-and-greet with fans at the upcoming UTSA football game on Sept. 11 at the Alamodome.
Aside from a photo with Walker, fans can receive a free mini-poster and a chance to win an autographed basketball!
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Lonnie Walker IV talks investing, Call of Duty, Spurs and more | Locked On Spurs

 1:52 PM CDT August 23, 2021

SAN ANTONIO — The Spurs 2021-22 season schedule is out and it will feature a brutal start!

On this episode of Locked On Spurs, host Jeff Garcia and guest discuss the team’s regular-season schedule and highlight a few games for fans to watch.

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Here's how you can win a Lonnie Walker IV autographed basketball

SAN ANTONIO - Attention all San Antonio Spurs fans, if you want to add to your collection of autographs then this is the contest for you. Spurs' Lonnie Walker IV and San Antonio-based company Mach1 started by Rick and Laura Narpaul, are having a contest where one lucky fan will get to take home a signed basketball by the Spurs guard.

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Local veteran-owned startup wins national pitch competition

San Antonio-based tech startup Mach1 Services recently won the Veterans in Residence Pitch Competition, an event produced by a national nonprofit focused on veterans and entrepreneurship.

Mach1, which has five employees, will receive a $7,500 grant for winning.

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Spurs' Lonnie Walker becomes investor in San Antonio-based company, Mach1 Services

San Antonio Spurs’ Lonnie Walker IV is now an athlete-investor in the San Antonio-based company, Mach1 Services. “San Antonio has embraced me as a member of their community, and it's only natural that my first company is based right here in San Antonio,” Walker said. “I think this is honestly a huge step, not just for my own, but also for San Antonio.”

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Clarke from Great Day SA interviews Co-founder & President of Mach1 Services, Laura Narpaul. "...The first to streamline the process that you can order roadside assistance at the touch of a button and it won't even go to a call center, someone is automatically dispatched to you..."

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Venture Beat: Mach1 App Disrupts Roadside Assistance Industry: Introduces New Level of Tech

The on-demand roadside assistance app, with no membership fee, Mach1, brings much-needed automation & technology to the roadside industry. The first-of-its-kind app is designed to make ordering roadside assistance easier than ever. Consumers can touch a button on their phone and get roadside assistance immediately, without going through a call center for dispatch.

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iHeart Radio's: The Art of Improvement interviews Mach1

Mach1 Services CEO Rick Narpaul and President Laura Narpaul head this San Antonio-based company which plans to expand across the U.S. Mach1's app streamlines the connection between customers and roadside assistance service providers by digitizing the process and using geolocation.

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San Antonio-based Mach1 Services Roadside Assistance app launches on IOS

San Antonio-based Mach1 Services has launched its app on Apple's iOS platform.

The app, which has been in development for the last two years, will have an initial service area in Austin and San Antonio, with Corpus Christi...

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Homegrown roadside assistance app ready for soft launch in San Antonio

Mach1 Services is set for a soft launch of its roadside assistance app in San Antonio in June after two years of development, raising capital and recruiting service providers.

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Mach1 Building A National Roadside Assistance Provider Network

The makers of Mach1, a roadside assistance app in the final stages of beta testing, are recruiting service providers for a nationwide network. The app will offer eight services: tow truck, out-of-fuel, lockout, dead battery, flat tire, mobile mechanic, trip inspection and a local non-emergency police connection. Service providers can offer any combination of those services and are not required to have a tow truck.

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The Uber of Roadside Assistance, Mach1, Now Recruiting Service Providers

The first of its kind, fully automated and on-demand roadside assistance app is now recruiting service providers for a nationwide network.

Mach1’s app dispatches the closest service provider in real time through a patent-pending process and dispatching system. The sophisticated algorithms connect customers to providers for their roadside assistance needs.

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10 Industries On The Cusp Of Technological Disruption

8. Automotive Industry "The automotive industry is ripe for disruption. We’ve already seen huge strides in recent years, largely due to autonomous vehicles, but we’re also starting to see traditional manufacturing companies morph into tech organizations. Like every other sector, the auto industry is learning to use the latest innovations to streamline processes."- Tammy Cohen, #10 "...Seeing startups such as ... Mach1 Services shows tangible signs that 2019 may be the year for mainstream adoption and transformation in one or both of those markets. - Bret PiattJungle Disk

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San Antonio startup builds new roadside assistance app

As Mach1 Services prepares to introduce its app in August and September, the company is looking for investors to help the company grow beyond its initial San Antonio-area launch.

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The Couple Driving Change in the Roadside Assistance Industry

Mach1 Roadside Assistance is the first app of its kind to truly automate the roadside assistance industry. It's patent-pending processes dispatch a service provider based on proximity and expertise, cutting down the infamously long wait times associated with roadside assistance.

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Mach1 Services to disrupt roadside assistance, Takes aim at, Honk and AAA

Mach1 Services The "Automated" On-Demand Roadside Assistance App announced their upcoming launch. Mach1 eliminates the dangers & frustration of the current model & digitizes roadside assistance. Mach1 is founded by Rick and Laura Narpaul. The powerhouse team brings a vast background of business ownership, sales, management, military, and marketing experience to Mach1. Their combined efforts and drive make Mach1 destined for success.

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