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The 3 Best Auto Glass Replacement Services

Auto glass damage is a highly common occurrence because even a small pebble chucked onto your windshield is enough to leave a dent which will most likely worsen with time, requiring you to get an auto glass replacement service. Automotive glass isn’t just an ornament one puts in their car. It’s meant to maintain the structural integrity of your car, give you an unobstructed view of the road ahead, and ensure you’re safe at all times. Any damages that your windshield endures have to be fixed promptly.

When you find your auto glass is ruined, the first step is to opt for professional help. We have put together the best auto glass replacement services you can find. They are professional, give the best services, and offer quality work. We all know that the auto glass acts as a protective layer keeping the occupants of the car safe from accidental injuries. Thus, you need to get the best auto glass replacement services that we list below.

How much does it cost to replace car window glass?

Every car owner knows the familiar sinking feeling one gets in the pit of the stomach when you find glass all over your car from a broken window or windshield. Since it’s something you have to replace promptly, you must know that the cost to replace a car window glass varies widely as it is dependent on various factors. The cost of replacing a windshield depends on the type of car model you have and who replaces the auto glass for you. Averagely, you should expect to spend between $100 to $500 for a windshield or any other windows in your car.

Even though there’s an average, you might find your car to cost more than nearly what we’ve estimated. The outrageous prices apply to classic and exotic cars since their parts tend to be pricier and hard to come across. Also, if your car uses small triangular side windows, the hike in price could be due to how difficult it is to install those. Expect to pay less if you’re only fixing a small chip or crack that doesn’t require replacing the entire glass.

Will my insurance go up if the front glass in the car was shattered?

If you don’t have comprehensive insurance coverage, then you’ll need to add more money to pay for your insurance to get the comprehensive coverage. Otherwise, you’ll have to take money out of your pocket and pay for the auto glass replacement services, which tend to be very pricey most of the time.

But even if you have comprehensive coverage, keep in mind that your insurance won’t cover the damages if a third party caused the damages on your auto glass. The other party’s insurance is the one to cover your auto replacement services. So, if you don’t have comprehensive insurance coverage, you will have to upgrade your insurance coverage by paying more money so they can cover your auto glass replacement. Even though you might think it’s expensive to get comprehensive collision insurance coverage, always keep in mind that the coverage will be much cheaper compared to how much you’ll pay when you get in trouble.

The 3 Best Auto Glass Replacement Services

When getting your auto glass fixed, you need to ensure you find the best auto glass replacement services. They need to use high-quality material, accommodate a busy schedule, and have lots of experience. Below are some of the best auto glass replacement services.


Safelite is a company that prides itself in caring for cars and the people owning the cars, their families, and their community. They provide services in over fifty states, with stores in each state. Their services are available to customers at the click of a button since they’re willing to help out 24/7, despite the holidays or events.

You can always do a mobile order where the technician comes to you. When you do so, Safelite guarantees your safety by giving you the mechanic’s details, pictures, names, and credentials. So, when they arrive, you’ll be able to confirm that it’s the right mechanic.

Safelite uses the most recent replacement technology, ensuring that the windshield is placed in the precise position that it’s supposed to stay. They have efficient, strong glass repairs ensuring your glass stays strong for a long time .

best auto glass replacement - Safelite

Auto Glass Service

Auto Glass Service prides itself in offering nationwide services to anyone that needs their help and using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality glass to ensure a perfect lasting fit. They also offer the safest windshield repair and replacement services because they follow AGRSS standards in every installation. By following these standards, they ensure to give you the safest windshield repair and replacement services.

Auto Glass Service offers a free mobile service where you can call for help to come to your office, roadside, or home. They even have a same-day service guarantee where they’ll come to you, give you, repair your glasses and get you back on the road immediately. They don’t charge extra costs for coming to your location.

best auto glass replacement - Auto Glass Service

Glass America

Glass America prides itself in providing auto replacement services for various models, even passenger vehicles or private ones. All their technicians are experienced in the industry upholding the level of AGRSS standards which come with a lifetime workmanship warranty. Glass America uses the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), which means you’ll be getting quality glass adhesives ensuring a perfect fit.

When you order auto glass replacement services, Glass America brings you AGSCp-certified technicians, ensuring you’ll get the best services. You can easily order a free mobile service to your house, workplace, or wherever you are at no extra cost. With Glass America, you’ll also get a lifetime warranty.

best auto glass replacement - Glass America

Can I drive with a broken window?

Most states require you to fix your windshield before driving around because you might get a ticket. This doesn’t happen in all states, so you’ll need to confirm with your state’s rules to know whether it’s acceptable. Besides getting a ticket for driving around with a broken window, there are more problems you could experience because of a broken window like:

  • Decreases visibility- When driving, visibility is a necessity. When you have chips and cracks on your windshield, it can be in the driver’s line of vision, causing a safety hazard because of the lack of visibility for the driver.
  • The damage worsens- When you have a crack on your windshield or window, the crack will worsen as you keep driving because of issues like bumps when you experience extreme weather changes like heavy rains and hailstorms, which can worsen the damage. Extremely loud music can also do the same to your small crack.
  • Safety hazard- Cracked glass can be the biggest hazard to passengers and drivers. The windshield and other auto glass are meant to protect the people inside the car in case of a crash or rollover. But when the glass is already damaged, it can be hard to contain the bodies of those inside the car within it.
  • It lowers the market value of the car- When you have a crack on your auto glass, you will need to quote a lower price when you need to sell your car. No one will afford to pay full price for a car that is partially damaged. To sell your car at a good price, you will need to repair it.

What is the most expensive window on a car?

The most expensive window on a car is the windshield. Since the windshield is the biggest window in a car hence why it’s going to be expensive. Even though it can be difficult to state the exact fee you’ll pay to have the windshield repaired, it will be the most expensive in your car. The price is dependent on the cost of the labor that it takes to install the windshield, including other factors.

In all honesty, the price of your windshield installation will also depend on your car model. The more expensive the model of your car, the more money you will pay to repair your windshield. The most common types of windshields will take between $1000 and $2000. Although, it might cost more or less depending on other multiple factors.

You will also get charged more depending on the installation difficulty and the amount of time it takes to complete the installation. Besides the amount of money it takes to buy the windshield, expect to add a little money on top of the labor cost.

Is a broken car window covered by insurance?

Let’s say you wake up to a vandalized car, a tree has fallen on your windshield, or something accidental happens to your car, and your auto glass is broken. In that case, your insurance will cover it. But before you run off to file a claim, you need to check the type of coverage you have for your car. Generally, if you don’t have comprehensive insurance coverage, your insurance won’t cover the auto glass replacement services.

Even without comprehensive coverage, you might still get taken care of if someone else crashes into your windshield. That means their insurance will have to cover your repairs. Any auto glass breakage that happens because of a third party will mean that the other person will cover for you, and you won’t have to bother with your insurance. Most comprehensive insurance coverages also don’t cover the damages if there’s a third party who caused it. They only cover accidental ones like vandalism and tree branches falling on your car.

So, to ensure you get covered in case of accidental breaking of your auto glass, you’ll need to get comprehensive insurance coverage. Otherwise, you’ll have to get cash out of your pocket to pay for the services if you don’t have this coverage.

Final Thoughts

A broken windshield or a car window can be very frustrating and dangerous. When you see a crack or chip on your window, you should start making an appointment at the auto shop to get it fixed as soon as possible. Driving round in a car with a broken window can cause a lot more harm to the driver and the car’s occupants. In case there’s a chip, ensure you get it fixed as soon as you can before it gets worse and you have to replace the entire windshield. Fixing a small crack or chip can be cheaper than replacing the entire window. Above, we have listed the best auto glass replacement services you will need to get your car fixed.