call 911 if car breaks down

Should You Call 911 if Your Car Breaks Down?

Adulting means that there will come a time when you’ll end up stranded in the middle of the road and might need assistance. It can be frustrating having your car break down on the road or have your keys locked inside your vehicle. We all prefer that our cars break down on a sunny day in the city with many mechanic shops around us, and we have plenty of time to repair it, but that’s not always the case.

The first service you should call when your car breaks down is Mach1. Mach1 is a non-emergency road assistance service. The company has partnered with over 50,000 companies and businesses that have services like towing and mechanic services. Instead of calling 911or the police when your car breaks down, call Mach1 for an efficient and quick rescue.

911 calls are for emergencies that include someone’s life being in danger. For something such as a car breaking down, you shouldn’t bother 911 not unless you have zero options. A car breaking down has an easy solution if you have the right roadside assistance companies in your reach.

When Your Car Breaks Down, Who Do You Call?

If your car breaks down on the road and no one is hurt, the first person you should call is roadside assistance, your tow truck, or a mechanic for help. If you have family or friends that can help you out, then you can try them out.

Match1 roadside assistance app is the most convenient service you can contact. The Mach1 app is free, and you can order a tow truck or mechanic who’s nearby; this means the costs will be lower than when you call in your mechanic who’s miles away from your location. Match1 offers services such as;

Here’s what you can do when your car breaks down.

  • If your vehicle can still move, get to the right-hand side of the road as soon as possible, drive the car off the road and park it.
  • If your car can’t move at all, stay in the car, especially if you’re in the middle of a highway. Getting out of the car in the middle of the highway and crossing the busy road can be dangerous, and you shouldn’t risk it.
  • If you can get out of the car, prop up your hood to let others know that you can’t move. You could also set up flares or triangles with reflectors behind your car, letting other drivers know about your immobility.
  • If you’re stuck in a hilly place, turn the wheels away from the road and pull the parking brakes to prevent the car from wheeling into traffic.
  • If you cannot get out of your car, turn on the emergency lights/hazards to help redirect other drivers. Keep them on until help arrives.
  • If you’re stalling traffic, call the police up and explain your situation to help other motorists through traffic control the traffic.

Examples of When To Call 911

You should only make a 911 call when there is an emergency and someone needs help right away. It is important to note instances when you will be required to call 911. These will prevent you from making unnecessary calls or making the call if the need arises.

You should call 911 if;

  • There’s a fire either at your place or somewhere you can see. If it’s your car or house on fire, get out, then make the call. You can always flag down someone to help you with a cellphone, or you can use your neighbor’s. Just make sure you’re safe first if possible.
  • There’s a crime in progress. The offense could be a break-in, a fight with an intruder, or if you’ve witnessed an impaired driver. Make sure you only call if the suspect is on scene. If they’ve already left, you can contact the police and file a report.
  • Events that directly affect a person like; gunshots, screams, attacks, car accidents with injuries, or other medical injuries.
  • Suppose a serious crime has just occurred, such as robbery or assault. Even if the crime has already happened, call 911 so that the police can handle the problem.

Examples of When Not To Call 911

Sometimes, people don’t understand when it’s inappropriate to call 911. Here are examples of when you shouldn’t phone 911;

  • When it’s not a real emergency, you shouldn’t call 911 when the situation isn’t life-threatening. Calling up could clog up the lines and prevent important life-threatening calls from getting through. Such things as prank calls are even illegal in some states. Because even though prank calls might seem like something fun for you to do, they could prevent someone’s life from being saved.
  • If you accidentally dial 911, don’t hang up. Please stay on the line and explain to the dispatcher that it was a mistake. By hanging up, you’ll put extra strain since they will send the police to your location to check and see if you’re well.
  • Don’t call if someone or yourself experiences minor burns and cuts. If it’s something you can wrap and drive to the hospital, call your doctor’s office to take care of such situations.
  • Suppose you or someone else has been in an accident and has not experienced any injuries. Don’t call 911. Not unless the accident has created a traffic hazard or you think one of the drivers in the accident is intoxicated.
  • Don’t call 911 if you have a fever. Such emergencies can be remedied at home or through a simple hack, call your doctor, or visit the emergency room.

The Best Non-Emergency Roadside Assistance Service

There are so many roadside assistance services out there, and choosing one to stick with can be a bit difficult. If you’ve had trouble with roadside assistance before or are looking for one that can be sustainable, then you’re on the right track. We’ve put together the best roadside assistance services.

Mach1 Non-Emergency Roadside Assistance

Mach1 offers the best non-emergency roadside assistance services, and here’s why:

  • When you need Mach1 roadside assistance, you don’t have to call and wait for a dispatcher to help you out. Instead, the app operates like Uber. Meaning you will order the service you need, i.e., a flat tire. After making your request, the nearest mechanic in the area will come to your rescue. Shipping a service provider near your current location will save you time.
  • You don’t have to stay on the phone and bargain prices before your service arrives. When you make your order, you can see how much it will cost; then, you can confirm if you want someone to come to your aid. You are allowed to pay via debit, credit card, or even through the app.
  • Mach1 has the best prices because the system charges you according to the market price of the area your car broke down. Also, since the service providers are in the area you’ve broken down at, the prices are fair as they don’t have to burn a lot of fuel to come to your aid.

Is Roadside Assistance the Same as Towing?

The short answer is No. For the most part, roadside assistance helps you get your car moving. After the service providers have come to your aid, you will leave the scene while driving your car—problems such as; fuel refill or flat tire. On the other hand, Towing means that someone will come and drive off with your car in a flatbed. When asking for roadside assistance, it doesn’t necessarily mean a car tow.

Towing only happens when you request it as a roadside assistance service. When ordering roadside assistance, all you will need is a professional mechanic who will check your car and fix all its issues. Towing mostly happens when a car has significant problems and the mechanic can’t repair it all on the roadside.

Is it Worth Having Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance can be very convenient. With roadside assistance, you can have help whenever you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. These services will get someone to help you whenever you need it, regardless of the time.

Having roadside assistance makes it cheaper to have your car fixed. When you don’t contact roadside assistance, this means that you’ll have to call someone to tow your car to the nearest mechanic shop. But with roadside assistance, you don’t have to do this since the mechanic comes to you and sorts out all the problems possible, and you can get on with your journey.

Roadside assistance ensures you’re safe because it helps no matter where you’re stuck, preventing you from having to deal with strangers or walking to an unfamiliar place to ask for help.

So, when it comes to how worth road assistance is, we recommend having one. Because you never know where you’ll get stuck or when you accidentally lock your keys in the car. Having a reliable, cost-effective service to contact can be very calming. (Learn how to unlock  your car with your keys inside in that article!)

What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down, and You Have No Money

Seeing as breaking down on the road is unplanned, you might break down when you have no money or way to pay for the services rendered. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to stop your journey and tow your car back home. There are different ways you can be helped.

  1. Call a roadside assistance company and explain your situation. Some roadside assistance services have a program where you can write them a cheque for a later date, pay a small amount, then bill the rest later on, or they can agree to bill you later.
  2. Some states have complimentary roadside assistance services that only charge when you need to tow. Check if these free services exist in your state and order them.
  3. You can also call your insurance service and see if they can provide you with a roadside assistance service. Most car insurance services cover some roadside assistance services. Get on a call with them and see if they can help you out.

Final Words

Calling 911 when your car breaks down should be the last thing you do, and when you do, explain to them what kind of assistance you need before they dispatch an officer to your rescue. Calling 911 prevents other people in dire need of urgent help from getting their calls through by calling them. But if you experience an emergency that needs the police, then feel free to call them up.

So before you think of contacting 911, download the Mach1 app and order a service, mechanic, or fuel to be sent your way immediately.