prodtect your car from floods

Hands Down The Best Way To Protect Your Car From Flood

Cars have caused havoc on mother nature, and sometimes, she seeks revenge on them. Floods happen once in a while, and sometimes, the first thought that comes to mind is protecting your house. Most people always forget about their cars and what damage water can cause.

Every year thousands of cars are vulnerable to water damage from floods. Floodwater can cause engine damage, ruin upholstery, and destroy electronic devices. Water can also cause rust, mold, and a horrible smell in our car. ClimaGuard is the most convenient, easy-to-set-up waterproof product that can offer all-around protection to your vehicle.

After your car has experienced a flood, sometimes it may work just fine, but the problems will start to show up in the long run. There will be damaged parts that you won’t know about immediately.

When buying a second-hand car, you must be careful not to purchase one that has endured water damage. Such vehicles will be very problematic to you in the long run.

About ClimaGuard

prodtect your car from floods - ClimaGuardWe cannot control mother nature, but we have things in our hands that we can use to protect our cars. Most times, people shelter and take care of their homes and themselves during a flood but often forget about their vehicles. Buying a new vehicle can inconvenience you, so will repairing a car.

ClimaGuard comes to your rescue during floods. With ClimaGuard, you won’t have to worry about your get getting water damage. The material used to protect your car is waterproof and recyclable.

The material is durable, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged after you’ve used it once. ClimaGuard also protects your cars against dust, snow, rain, and even UV. It is the ultimate protection your car needs.

The good thing about the material is that it’s lightweight and compact, so you can even store it in your car trunk. It is easy to set up. Only one person is enough to set up the whole thing in a few minutes.

3 Tips To Protect Your Car From Flood Damage

Get your car a protective enclosure

Having a protective enclosure for your car could save you thousands of bucks. Protective gear such as ClimaGuard will help secure your vehicle from any external damages the flood could cause.

The gear covers your car from bottom to top. The setup is easy as all you have to do is drive into the gear then zip up. It’s a one-man’s job. Protective equipment comes in handy during a flood season since you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your vehicle.

When you have ClimaGuard, you don’t have to worry about any floods, snow, or whichever extreme weather condition because the gear is durable and can withstand harsh weather.

Avoid passing through still water.

After floods, most roads you’ll pass through will most likely be flooded. Using a different route would be the best solution to avoid putting your car through water and the damage it can cause. But sometimes, taking a different path could cause you a delay you cant afford. In this case, make sure you pass through the higher sides of the road where there is shallow water.

Keep Your Car at Gear Number One and Slow Down

When passing through shallow water on the road, make sure your car stays on the first gear. Keeping your vehicle at the first gear gives you control and grip of the car much better. When your car is at gear one and revved up, it prevents water from being pushed into your exhaust, sending it further to the engine where it can cause damage.

What To Do if Your Car is In a Flood

Sometimes luck isn’t on our side, and your car might end up getting flood damage. If this is your case, you can do a few things to ensure that you get it back on track.

  1. Dry your brakes. When your car is water damaged, the first place that gets the most water is the tires and brake pads. You should avoid driving your car when the brake pads are wet. Make sure you dry out your brake pads or buy new ones if yours are too damaged.
  2. Do not start your car. If you start a car with water in the engine, it might cause more damage.
  3. Dry up the interiors. If water made its way into your car’s interiors, it would be wise to dry that up as soon as possible. Wet interiors cause an awful smell, and no one wants that. You can dry it up by opening all doors and sunroof to let in the sun or use heaters and fans.
  4. Change all the fluids in your car. You will need to change your oil, transmission fluid, and lube. It’s crucial to drain all these fluids since it’s most likely that water got mixed up with them.
  5. Contact your insurance company. There may be more damage to your car, and only a mechanic can know this for sure. Contact your insurance company, and they will send over a mechanic to fix your car or take it back to the shop to see what needs fixing in the car.

Can Flood Water Damage Your Car, and If So What Do I Tell My Insurance Company?

Yes. Floodwater can cause a lot of damage to your car on the inside of your engines, brakes, and your interior. When water gets in your vehicle, that’s a lot of damage right there.

When you need help from your insurance company, make sure your insurance covers floods. The only insurance package that covers flood damage is comprehensive auto coverage. Comprehensive coverage also covers fires, theft, and if you drive in floodwaters.

If you don’t have comprehensive coverage, you would be out of luck. Home insurance doesn’t cover damages to your car caused by floods, and even if you have a flood insurance policy, it will only cover personal items damaged in your car and not the car itself.

If you need to stay in the clear and have your car safe, the most inexpensive policy that would help you in the event of floods is towing insurance. Towing insurance is cheap and will help get your car on higher grounds when you’ve been asked to move it in case of a brewing storm.

If your insurance coverage includes floods, here are some of the things you should keep in mind;

  • Take a photo of the car to show how much water it is submerged in; this will help determine what damage the car has endured. An insurance claim will require evidence of pictures and videos from all angles of the car.
  • File your claim as soon as possible. After you’ve gathered the pictures and videos as evidence, call your insurance company immediately. If it was a flash flood or hurricane, you could be sure many people are filing their claims, and filing quicker will get you to help sooner.
  • Check for other significant damages. There are internal damages that your mechanic won’t see at first glance. When your car is undergoing inspection, make sure you ask lots of questions to ensure that all the inspection is carried out to know whether the car is a total loss or repairable. If your car is declared a loss by your insurance company, you will get a payout equivalent to the car’s worth before flood damage.

Major insurance companies that can help you out with comprehensive coverage

1) State Farm

State Farm offers insurance coverage for cars and other properties and businesses. State farm offers the most personalized service as it has against all over the country to serve you. Their customer service is also top-notch. Being one of the oldest insurance companies, it has an excellent track record with its customers. You can find more information about them through their website or contact them by phone (800 732-5246).

2) Amica

Amica is the best insurance company when it comes to claims satisfaction. Most customers prefer them precisely because they handle claims effectively and quickly, and you’ll have a customer representative who will be at your service whenever you call them. To contact them, you can check them on their website or phone (800 242 6422).

3) Geico

Geico has the most efficient website compared to other insurance companies. Their website alone makes them stand out. On top of that, they have good customer service, impressive discounts, and they offer exceptional discounts. They also provide other types of coverages that you can bundle up with your car insurance. You can get in touch or see what they offer through their website or by phone (800 841-2964).

How To Tell A Vehicle is Water Damaged

Sometimes when purchasing a used car, it can be challenging to determine its worth. Companies often put up cars for sale at a discount after significant floods, and we’re here to help you to fall into that trap. Also, most used cars are sold due to some damage the owner cant deal with; here are a few tips to determine if a vehicle is water damaged;

  • Check if there is any rust. Bare metal teds to accumulate rust when it’s been through a flood. Check for rust inside the hood, on doors, pedals, trank latches, or even under the dashboard. These are familiar places that rust might accumulate.
  • Inspect the carpets. If the car has had water damage, its interior will have a musty smell and might even be damp.
  • Check for mud and silt under the seats, the glove department, and other hidden spaces. It can be hectic getting all the muck and mud out of the car, and this would be evidence that the car has been in flood.
  • A water-damaged car will have brittle wires under the dashboard. Make sure you take a look at that.
  • Do a smell test. The dealers will try and cover up the smell with air freshener, but a water-damaged car will have an insistent musty smell.
  • You can also check for fog or moisture beads in all the internal and external lights. Most times, moisture gets trapped even in the lights of the car.
  • You can check online for the vehicle’s history report; this could show you if ts been in flood.
  • Turn on the heating. Doing this helps you can determine whether the car has been in flood. Trapped water in the ventilation will cause condensation, and you can see this by the fog that settles on your windows.
  • Low price. Some deals are too good to be accurate, and you will know this once you come across them. If the car is too cheap, especially after a significant flood, scrutinize it.

Final Words

Floods are natural disasters that we have no way of control. The least we can do is safeguard ourselves, our houses, and our cars out of harms’ way. ClimaGuard is hands down the best way to protect your car from floods. Get yourself one of these protective gears, and you’ll never be worried when the weather prediction is a storm.

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