Car Battery Installation YouTube Video

3 Easy-to-Follow Car Battery Installation YouTube Videos

As the heart and soul of your vehicle, you always want to install your car battery as smoothly as possible. Because of this, you want something that can walk you through it with easy-to-follow steps. They must also be quick as most drivers only think about their batteries when their cars refuse to start.

Fortunately, several YouTube videos offer simple solutions for installing a car battery. These videos offer instructions for all skill levels with the following 3 videos sitting among the most popular:

These videos can help turn your car emergency into a DIY project. However, they cannot help you if you do not have the tools and mechanical aptitude to do it. Therefore, by reading further, you will learn the tools you need to successfully install a car battery. You will also learn when it would be best to take your vehicle to a professional technician instead.

Easy Ways to Install Car Batteries

Your car cannot run without a working battery. Despite this, most drivers rarely think about the battery except in emergencies. However, not all dead battery conditions are caused by a dead battery either. Instead, the problem could be a bad alternator or just corrosion on the battery terminals. Therefore, you must test the battery with jumper cables to see if you need to replace it or not.

However, if your car truly needs a new battery, you must do it properly. An improper car battery installation can permanently damage your car’s electrical system. As such, you always want to take a few precautions when doing it.  For instance, you only want to use the right type of battery for your car.

Is It Hard to Install a Car Battery?

In most cases, installing a car battery should not be difficult, but it will depend on your experience with car maintenance. However, it does involve more than just tossing in a new battery and calling it a day. You must also consider the type of battery you use and its orientation. Luckily, the process should take less than 30 minutes to complete these steps.

Finally, you must properly dispose of the old battery. You cannot just dump a car battery in the trash. Instead, you must take them to an appropriate recycling facility. Some of these facilities are open to the public. Others are not. Therefore, your best bet is to see if your local municipality, junkyard, or a nearby auto parts store will do it for you.

 Can I Get Help Installing a New Battery if My Old One is Dead?

While you could change your car battery as a DIY project, most of the time you will want to have a professional technician do it. You should also seek help if you are unfamiliar with car maintenance or stuck in the middle of nowhere. Either way, our prompt and reliable technicians can help you out regardless of where your battery dies.

What Tools are Needed for Car Battery Installations?

If you do decide on replacing your car battery yourself, you then must gather the necessary tools and parts. These tools typically come in two categories.

Safety Equipment

Most of the items and tools you need to install a car battery are safety equipment. While car batteries are normally safe to handle, there will always be some health risks from electrical shocks or chemical burns. Therefore, you should conder wearing the following

  • Long-sleeve shirt and long pants
  • Rubber gloves
  • Safety glasses

You also want to follow a few other precautions as well. For instance, you want to lift and move car batteries with your legs as they can be quite heavy.

Installation Tools and Parts

When you are ready to install your battery into your car, most of the time you will only need:

  • A good socket or wrench set that can work with 10mm nuts or bolts
  • Wire brush
  • Corrosion cleaning solution
  • Cleaning cloths

The only time you will need something more complicated is when the battery is in some odd inaccessible place. Although, you may want to have a multimeter so you can test the batteries before you replace them.

3 Easy-to-Follow Car Battery Installation YouTube Videos

Having a guide is always a welcome addition to any DIY project, and car battery installations are no different. Fortunately, the following 3 videos will walk you through the easy-to-complete steps that will properly install your new battery into your car.

Video 1: O’Reilly Auto Parts: How To: Install a Battery in Your Vehicle

If you are looking for something quick and easy, then this video from O’Reilly Auto Parts may do the trick. The 3-minute video goes over the tools you need before walking you through installing a battery into a typical pick-up truck. They even offer safety tips for each step in the process.

Video 2: Chris Fix – How to Test and Replace a Bad Car Battery (COMPLETE Ultimate Guide)

For a more extensive guide, Chris Fix walks you through the pre-installation battery check along with the installation. He also goes into how you must diagnose the battery first as it could save you money or further headaches down the road. He even offers advice to help you determine which battery type you should use with your vehicle.

Video 3: The Home Depot – How to Change a Car Battery | DIY Car Repairs

The Home Depot offers another quick and easy battery installation video. While not as extensive as Chris Fix, Home Depot points out how simple a car battery installation can be. It does this by pointing out the various components of the battery and how to find them in your vehicle.


Car battery installations are among the simplest automobile maintenance tasks. However, they can be intimidating if you do not know what you are doing. Therefore, you should watch and follow the above videos or contact our technicians to see is you have weak car battery symptoms and know how to properly install a battery in your car.  Also, if you’d like to learn more about car batteries and what car batteries are made of check out our articles on that!