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Find the Best Car Locksmith Near You

If you thought car locksmiths weren’t important because most of our car keys these days are electronic, well, you’d be mistaken. Car locksmiths continue to provide valuable services when someone forgets their keys on the inside, needs access to their car in an emergency situation but is without keys, or simply needs a duplicate made.

The easiest way to find the best car locksmith near you requires a simple internet search. But having a specific locksmith in mind or a list of potential locksmiths in areas you frequent is also good information to have. If you need a locksmith, you might already be in panic mode, and searching the world wide web could be overwhelming.

If you are curious about car locksmiths and the services they can provide, keep on reading. Plus, you’ll learn about one of the leading car locksmith companies in the industry!

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How Much Does it Cost to Have Someone Unlock your Car?

The cost to have someone unlock your car varies. The price fluctuates based on:

  • The region you are located within
  • The time of day
  • The distance the locksmith traveled to reach you

Estimates vary between 50 and 250 dollars, depending on the services they provide. And remember, if you need a car locksmith to help you out after hours, you will probably pay double the standard price.

Car locksmiths can deal with a variety of key-related issues. For the most part, they help folks that have accidentally locked themselves out of their car. The most common scenario is probably when keys get locked into the truck after loading something into the trunk like groceries.

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Other services that car locksmiths can provide are:

  • Duplicate your car keys
  • Transponder key issues
  • Re-key your lock
  • Remove broken keys from inside the lock
  • Deal with keyless entry car issues

How to Find the Best Car Locksmith Near you: Mach1 Services

Mach1 Roadside Assistance is a leading expert in the roadside assistance industry. They believe strongly in “people helping people” and do so by relying on technology on-demand and automated.

They have created a free downloadable application that creates a direct link between customers and roadside assistance providers to dispatch providers automatically, based on the customers’ needs and the providers’ expertise.

The service providers involved in the Mach1 network are fully vetted, insured, and trained in safety procedures. Mach1 uses a seven-point candidate check. They screen nationally, statewide, and even at the county level to ensure they are only selecting and connecting you with the best of the best.

The network of providers is composed of:

  • Mechanic shops
  • Mobile mechanics
  • Locksmiths
  • Independent to trucks

Mach1 specifically seeks out veteran-owned service provider businesses and independent contractors. As a veteran-owned business itself, Mach1 fully supports and believes in giving opportunities to veterans who have served honorably.

To sweeten the pot, Mach1 waives all on-boarding fees for veterans on their path to becoming a Mach1 service provider.

The Mach1 Roadside Assistance mission is “To create and maintain an on-demand roadside assistance app that connects customers with service providers through an automated system of dispatch and service.”

Mach1 Services Lock Out Service

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, we inevitably get locked out of our car in a momentary lapse of judgment. That is why one of the most important services that Mach 1 Roadside Assistance offers is their Lock Out Service.

If you have done all that you can to try and get back into the car yourself, it may be time to call a professional.

How Does Mach 1 Services Car Locksmith Service Work?

If you experience a lockout and require a car locksmith to let you back into your car, simply use your Mach1 app to dispatch the nearest service provider to your location.

By avoiding a manual dispatching system, your service provider will be dispatched automatically. This will greatly reduce your wait time.

The price for receiving lockout services from Mach 1 will vary based on your region. Prices are always based on fair market values. This means that the price will match the average price for lockout services in your area.

You will see an estimated price in your application before confirming your service. Once the service is completed, you will sign off on the amount from your service provider’s device.

All services through Mach1, including lockout service, can be paid through the app with your credit or debit card.

If you are worried that Mach1 won’t get into your specific type of vehicle, don’t be. All Mach1 service providers carry universal lockout tools and will 100% be able to get access to your vehicle.

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What Other Services Does Mach1 Offer?

Mach 1 Roadside Assistance does not only specialize in connecting customers with car locksmiths. They also provide other helpful services to help keep you safe on the road.  From non-emergency roadside services to preventative mobile mechanic services, Mach1 has you covered.

Mach1 does all this without requiring membership and the fees related to it. The Mach1 app is free to download, and you simply pay for service when you need it.

No more overpriced and recurring membership fees.

Flat Tire Help

Getting a flat tire can be a scary and frustrating experience, especially in bad weather or if you are in a rush to be somewhere. And unfortunately, changing your flat tire on the side of the road is not possible for everyone.

That is why Mach1 offers a flat tire service to help get you back on the road safely. With their on-demand and automated service, the Mach1 app connects you to a local service provider closest to you.

Simply open your app, and select the flat tire service. A reliable service provider will be dispatched to your location rapidly. They will exchange your flat tire for its spare and get you back on the road.

Tow Trucks When Needed

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and sometimes they cannot be fixed right away, like a flat tire. If you require a tow truck to help transport your inoperable vehicle, Mach1 provides towing service to assist you.

Using the Mach1 app, you can select the tow truck service and have a service provider sent to your location.  Gone is the day of third-party price haggling and coordinating while you’re stuck on the side of the road. You will be in direct contact with your service provider the entire time.

With your initial service call, you will get 5 miles of tow service. Every mile after that will cost between 2 and 3 dollars.

Dead Battery Assistance

Like most things, batteries do not last forever. And unfortunately, they don’t always choose the most convenient time or location to stop working. Whether you’re at home or stranded at the grocery store, Mach1 has a dead battery service to help get you rolling again.

Mach1 service providers will be dispatched automatically upon your service request. The providers use GPS navigation to locate you and arrive efficiently.

If your battery doesn’t charge and you need a complete replacement, Mach1 has an option to specify that you require a new battery.

Out of Fuel Service

We’ve all been there. Despite the fuel gauge telling us it’s low, we’ve managed to drive somewhere without enough fuel and have run out completely. And to add salt to the wound, we suspect that it will cost a fortune to get fuel brought to us using basic roadside assistance companies. Well, not with Mach1.

Mach1’s out of fuel service to use fair market prices to charge for their services. They never price gauge because they can.

The fuel that you put in your car is important. The service providers from Mach1 understand that and allow you to choose the fuel that they bring for you.

  • Unleaded
  • Premium
  • Diesel

To start, all Mach1 service providers will arrive with 2 gallons of fuel per service call. If you think you will require more than that based on your location, you can communicate that with your service provider.

Mobile Mechanic

Unfortunately, the auto industry is notorious for being riddled with mechanics that charge unfair prices. If you are tired of being taken advantage of, then it’s time to download the Mach1 app.

Mach1 vets and completes a full background check of the service providers that apply to be a part of their service network. That way, you can be sure that you are connected to a network of trusted mechanics only.

With Mach1 mobile mechanics, you can avoid price-gouging, save money on tows to the shop, and save time. Did we mention you can get your oil changed from the comfort of your couch? Say goodbye to stuffy waiting rooms.

Trip Inspection

Planning on hitting the open road and traveling somewhere by car? Well, if you are, it’s vital to complete a pre-trip inspection before your departure. Mach1 roadside assistance offers trip inspections to help you make sure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape before leaving town.

If you do not inspect your vehicle before leaving, there may be a repair that gets overlooked. Depending on where you are on your trip, dealing with automotive repair services can be a costly bummer. Not to mention it dampens the vacation vibes.

If you schedule a trip inspection, you can avoid any unwanted surprises while you’re on the road. Once your trip inspection is complete, your Mach1 mechanic will provide an estimate for the services that might need to be done to make sure you reach your destination safely.

Non-Emergency Services

Need roadside assistance but don’t know who to call? That is why Mach1 non-emergency services are so handy.

Roughly 65% of 911 calls are for non-emergency-related matters. Most folks just need roadside assistance.

Instead of calling 911, you can use the Mach1 non-emergency services option. The app will then connect you directly to the non-emergency line for the local police department based on your current geolocation.

With this service, we can help the police stay focused on more important matters. How much does this valuable service cost, you ask? Nothing, it’s free!


The roadside assistance industry is growing. But unfortunately, it can be hard to navigate with all the third-party coordinating. Not to mention the unfortunate reality of prices that seem to be through the roof, and all for relatively mediocre customer service.

It’s time to streamline your process and become connected to the most reliable and trusted roadside assistance service providers in your area.

Mach1 Roadside Assistance leverages the power of their mobile app to connect customers with vetted service providers, able to perform a myriad of services, from lockouts to dead batteries and flat tire changes.

Download the app today and become part of the Mach1 network. There really is no better option.