Defensive Driving Course Online

The 5 Best Defensive Driving Courses Online

When driving on the roads, you never know what you could come across, and that’s exactly why people get into accidents losing multiple lives yearly and injuring other more people. It is easy to come across reckless drivers, drunk drivers, bad weather, and other obstacles on the way. In such a situation, the first thing you can do is learn how to properly navigate it to prevent any accidents and save multiple lives.

A defensive driving course online will teach you how to navigate what’s around you and avoid accidents. It teaches you to be observant, maintain the right mindset, and make instant decisions to prevent accidents from occurring. The five best defensive driving courses online that we mention below will provide you with the tools to be a better driver and make instant decisions.

Even though you may think that you’re a sharp-witted person behind the wheel, sometimes it’s best to learn about your driving, make it safer, and improve it. If you feel there’s room for improvement, take a defensive driving course online and get your certification and knowledge today. It can be easy to assume that you’re above everything when you’re, in fact, not.

What is defensive driving?

Defensive driving is a set of skills in driving that help you defend yourself against possible collisions. This form of driving helps you consciously reduce the dangers associated with driving. When you drive defensively, you’re aware and ready to act on any situation that may present itself.

Defensive driving is important as it helps you anticipate any dangerous situation caused by bad drivers, drunk drivers, and poor weather. Defensive drivers can analyze their situations and act promptly to keep themselves and others in the situation safe. The main rule in defensive driving is that you should expect everyone to make a mistake, and you’ll be able to defend yourself easily.

What is a defensive driving course online?

You can either attend a class online or in-person to learn defensive driving. Either way, you will learn the same concepts. The easiest way to learn without messing up with your schedule is by taking a defensive driving course online. When taking the course, you should expect to learn more on topics like:

  • Traffic crashes- Approximately 41000 people die annually due to collisions with 3,236,000 injuries. Mostly these collisions are a result of speeding and alcohol. The purpose of defensive driving is to help students have good judgment when driving and reduce the risk of these accidents. Good defensive driving will immensely help reduce the number of traffic crashes.
  • Human factors DUI- Drunk drivers change many people’s lives. The effects of drugs in the body prevent a driver from thinking clearly and making the right decisions. As part of defensive driving, students are taught the role of drugs on American roads. Students also learn how different drugs affect the body and how they can affect one’s ability to drive safely.
  • Safety equipment– Most of the accidents on our roads cannot be as fatal as they are if the passengers were wearing a safety belt properly. There are other necessities for safety in a car, like airbags, child safety seats, and other safety tools. Defensive driving teaches students to be extra careful and use all safety tools properly.
  • Psychological factors- Drivers face many factors when on the road, some of which they can’t predict most of the time. During defensive driving courses, you’ll get to learn how to expect certain psychological factors like road rage, unneeded stress, fatigue, and emotional distress. As a student, you’ll learn to maintain a positive attitude when behind the wheel and increase your focus.
  • The dynamics of a crash- Most vehicle crashes are easily preventable in most situations. Many conditions determine the severity of a collision, like wearing safety belts. There’s more behind the scenes when a collision happens despite the cars crashing into each other. During defensive classes, you’ll learn what happens when a vehicle crashes, different elements that determine the severity of a crash, and how to avoid the impact.
  • Crash prevention techniques- Any good defensive driving aims to point out potential hazards and act on them before it’s too late. So, during the course, you’ll learn various techniques that will help you do this.
  • State traffic laws- Relearning traffic laws helps immensely in learning defensive driving.

What is the best defensive driving course to take online?

It doesn’t matter how good you are behind the wheel; you won’t be able to control what happens around you, like weather problems, mechanical malfunctions, or aggressive drivers. But if you’re prepared for what’s coming, you’re in a better position to react accordingly. There are sure qualities you should look out for in a good defensive driving course like:

  • How to apply defensive driving techniques
  • Rapid identification of hazards
  • A system of vehicle control
  • Risks associated with driving under the influence of drugs, fatigue, or stress
  • How all the vehicle safety devices work together
  • How a trailer affects handling
  • How to set up the vehicle properly for the driver and ensure the correct tire pressure
  • Improved scanning, vision, and visibility when driving
  • Understanding the physics of a vehicle under braking, acceleration, cornering, and limitations of tires.

The best defensive driving course online will leave you with all the above information, helping you improve your safety and others on the road when driving.

Which online defensive driving course is the easiest?

There are multiple defensive driving courses online. Here, we let you in on the easiest defensive driving courses online. These include;

  1. IDriveSafely
  3. MyImprov Traffic School
  4. Approved Course Defensive Driving
  5. Aceable Defensive Driving

The 5 Best Defensive Driving Courses Online


IDriveSafely is the oldest provider of defensive driving courses in the industry. This school is approved in almost every state, making it ideal. It brings along the most advanced and convenient defensive driving courses online. They have more than fifteen years of experience, giving them a voice in the industry. You will learn from theory, animation, and audio notes during the lessons. All these defensive driving materials will make you further understand and learn how to keep yourself and others on the road safe when driving.

Defensive Driving Course Online - DriversEd

The defensive driving courses at are pretty elaborate and high-quality. The course layout is visually appealing, and you’ll learn something new. The course gives you an in-depth review of the rules of the road. You will also have multiple quizzes to help further learn more about defensive driving techniques. You will get various perspectives on driving experiences to prepare you for the real world. The best thing about is that they have a great app that can help students further understand the lessons.

Defensive Driving Course Online - DriversEd

MyImprov Traffic School

MyImprov Traffic School is the most comedic defensive driving school. They hilariously present defensive driving classes to get students to understand fully what it means, and humor does that very easily. The curriculum you get on this platform depends on your location. Of course, the fundamentals will be the same for everyone, but there are some specific rules you’ll be taught that apply to your state. You will learn about all the safety precautions you need to follow when driving and even get into the specifics of your state of mind when you’re getting behind the wheel. The course covers avoiding accidents, what happens when involved in an accident, avoiding distractions when driving, and other major driving issues.

Defensive Driving Course Online - MyImprov Traffic School

Approved Course Defensive Driving

Unlike all the other schools, Approved Course Defensive Driving does go an extra mile in delivering content. They do more than just defensive driving lessons; they also teach you all you need to know when you’re out there on the road. They have detailed content that’s easy to enjoy, consume, and understand. The school is approved in most states and will truly help you out. Even though the school is lesser known than some mentioned above, it’s still a good school offering quality content. Compared to the others, you’ll find that their site is a little more advanced and easy to navigate.

Defensive Driving Course Online - Approved Course Defensive Driving

Aceable Defensive Driving

This school is also a young one hence a lesser-known name when it comes to defensive driving. But they have an amazing website that has changed the way people view online education. When looking to take their defensive driving course, check if they are approved in your state. Since they’re young, they haven’t yet established themselves enough to have the approval for accreditation in all states. Due to how young it is, you can see they have changed a lot of things in their content keeping it up to date. They have a reliable app since they were the first to teach driver’s education through 3D on mobile. If you’re learning how to parallel park, you can start learning that by doing it on the phone before doing it in real life.

Defensive Driving Course Online - Aceable Defensive Driving

Final Thoughts

Defensive driving is something that everyone needs to learn. Every day, we have multiple road accidents and collision cases that could easily be avoided if these individuals knew about defensive driving. It is important to learn how alcohol and other drugs affect our driving and how that can be a bad decision. You won’t drive under the influence when you learn the mechanics of such matters because you fully know what it entails. Learning how mental health and other factors can affect your concentration on the road will help you keep yourself in check when you feel road rage coming up or other personal matters. Above, we listed and explained the best five defensive driving courses online that can benefit you today. Check them out to improve your driving skills and be a more conscious driver.