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The Future of Roadside Assistance Is Here: Mach1 Services

For drivers, one of the biggest fears is what to do when something stops working while you’re driving. If you’ve been through it before, you know how stressful it can be and if you have not, then you want to know what to do. Thankfully, Mach1 Services can help relieve your stress and take care of the situation.

Meeting old problems with a modern age, Mach1 Services is a service that provides easy and simple help for your automobile malfunctions. By downloading their app, you can have access to the affordable help they provide.

Mach1 Services may seem to be an idea that is too good to be true but can truly help you when you need it most. Every new idea and innovation may seem unrealistic, especially when the world moves so fast. Giving yourself a chance to learn more can help answer any concerns you may have. Read on to better understand what they do and how to get their help.

The Beginning of Roadside Assistance

Originally, roadside assistance began in the late 1800s and started to take off in the early 1900s. At first, roadside assistance providers would drive around and patrol their areas, looking for any potential motorists in need of help. As communication developed, drivers would be able to use emergency phone boxes on the road to directly ask for help.

Roadside Assistance Today

Today, roadside assistance is offered by different insurance companies, manufacturers, and clubs. Like any other industry, a huge list of companies is available to gain access through membership. By paying enrolment and annual fees, customers can become members and call for any offered assistance as needed.

The most popular providers of roadside assistance in the United States include:

  • AAA,
  • Geico,
  • Allstate,
  • State Farm,
  • Farmers,
  • And Progressive.

Each have their own fees, but provide basic services of towing, repairing, and delivering fuel, all of which can potentially lead to extra costs on top the standards fees. In order to get these services on the road, you must call the company, go over any required information with a customer service representative, and wait for any available professionals under the company.

Anyone that has had to deal with convoluted customer service and membership fees knows the pain of handling the ordeal. This is especially true for insurance, as keeping track of coverage makes pricing a more difficult manner than it feels it should be. Many times, it can feel that the price of fees are not worth the help they actually offer.

As people have to increasingly worry about financial restraints, they begin to look for other alternatives and ways to cut costs. Some go through the headache of switching providers, while some may carpool more often and share costs. Thankfully, the world is constantly changing and can yield interesting ways to fix problems.

The Future of Roadside Assistance: Mach1 Services

Many people have started to use their smartphone apps to replace older services, especially in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic. Food delivery apps are a popular one, allowing for many businesses and customers to conduct business in a way that’s simple and safe. As the world becomes more digitalized and connected through technology, such developments are becoming more commonplace.

The conventional approach to roadside assistance comes with the drawbacks that all types of insurance bring. Infuriating calls, confusing pricing, and anxiety over what’s covered has become the norm. Mach1 Services aims to cut out these problems with smartphone technology and so you can get what you need directly. Since you only have to pay and worry about the transactions for each service, you won’t have to worry about outside charges or items to attend to.

Similar to how Uber of Lyft works, all the work needed on your end is done through the Mach1 Services app. If you need roadside assistance, all you have to do is access your app and request a service provider to help you out. By using GPS technology, your provider will be able to easily reach you and bring you help quickly. With providers located in every U.S. state, you should be able to get help without too long of a wait.

A benefit of using Mach1 is that, outside of guaranteeing high quality, rules and red tape are kept to a minimum. Using a single service provider means that you can only receive help from their professionals. With Mach1, help is gathered from different professionals across the nation. All that’s necessary is that these providers are screened and can offer great service.

To get access to all this help, all that’s needed is for you to get the app. There’s no need to sign insurance papers and haggle over the phone over coverage and prices. Mach1 Services is about being simple and getting you help, so any prices you’ll have to pay will appear on the app before you confirm a request for assistance.

What “Pay-As-You-Go” Service Means To You

Using Mach1 Services means that you are not tied to any particular service, freeing you from expensive membership fees. Such costs can lead you to paying large amounts of money, regardless of whether or not you use the services. Over just a few short years, this can amount to hundreds of dollars being wasted.

Since you’re going to have to pay for these services anyways, you may as well only do so when you actually use it. Otherwise, you’re just putting money into other people’s pockets just in case something goes wrong. With Mach1 Services, the middleman is cut out and directly sets you up with a professional and costs are available up front for you to see. Without any sign-up or annual fees, the Mach1 app still offers you the same services without any drop in quality.

Service providers come from all types of backgrounds and businesses, but are critically screened by Mach1 Services before being involved. When you’re in need of help, the last thing you want to worry about is the quality of credentials of who’s helping you. Rather than weighing your options on the spot, you just have to worry about yourself, as that process has been done for you already.

Just as Uber and Lyft verify their drivers and screen for issues of low-performance or any ill-intent, Mach1 Services does the same. Whether providers are independent or part of a larger company, all that matters is that you’re getting a high level of quality care. Companies that operate on a small and large scale alike go through a 7-point check to ensure they have the right experience and training to help you.

Also, if you or someone you know is a professional capable of providing roadside assistance in the United States, then Mach1 Services can help take your or their practice to the next level. Use their website to sign up and get started. Extra business on the side never hurt anyone, especially considering how easy Mach1 Services is to use.

Automated Dispatch and Real Time Tracking

Usually, contacting a service provider is done manually, leaving the process vulnerable to human error and potentially time-consuming. Call centers are an overall frustrating experience that can leave you with sub-par service. Automatically, this process can be quick and simple, blocking out possible errors and hang-ups.

To operate the service, all you have to do is download the free app and put in your payment and vehicle information. Set up your account and payment option as soon as possible, so it’s out of the way when you need to use it. When you need a service, you can select from the following options:

  • Dead battery,
  • Flat tire,
  • Mobile mechanic diagnosis (this is recommended if you’re not sure what’s wrong),
  • Lockouts,
  • Out of fuel,
  • Non-emergency,
  • Tow truck (use this if you think your tire may not be able to be replaced on the road,
  • Local police,
  • And trip inspection diagnosis.

Once you pick your required service and confirm your payment and request, a nearby and available service provider will be alerted to your location. As long as your phone has an internet connection, GPS technology will bring you your roadside assistance promptly. As you can tell, the process is similar to ordering a car service on your phone.

Through the Mach1 app, the entire process of ordering, monitoring, and paying for your roadside assistance. Whether you’re the customer or provider, every step can be tracked in real time with all the information at your fingertips. Since everything is automated, functions are stripped down to their simple needs, making those interactions with customer service obsolete.

How To Get Started

Setting up your Mach1 Services account is a simple process. All you have to do is complete the following steps:

  • Download the app. You can use the links for whether you have an iPhone or an Android,
  • Turn location services on,
  • Turn on notifications,
  • Create your account by entering the following:
    • First and last name,
    • Email,
    • Mobile phone number,
    • Account password,
  • Grant permission to send texts and enter the 6 digit verification code,
  • Add your vehicle with the following:
    • Make,
    • Model,
    • Year,
    • Color,
  • Enter payment information,
  • Choose emergency contact,
  • With your account created, you can contact Mach1 under “HELP,”
  • As soon as you encounter an emergency, select your service and wait for help.

With all the information and functions stored on the app, there’s no need to have your account looked up during a call or handle formalities. Additionally, you can use their website here to request more information regarding any concerns or questions you have. You should hurry, however, as you never know when you’ll need Mach1 Services.


As the world continues to move forward with technology, old ways get replaced or modernized with new methods. Originally, roadside assistance was aimless and relied on luck for anyone to get help. Eventually, phones allowed for a system that was able to focus and use resources more effectively. Unfortunately, that current system is still flawed and needs to be updated.

This is where Mach1 Services comes in. By taking the idea of calling for help, the capabilities of smartphones and GPS technology allow for a smoother and sensible way to do so. Just as Uber and Lyft make transportation easier, Mach1 does the same for roadside assistance. By downloading the app and taking a few minutes to make your account, you can help relieve your stress over accidents and automobile emergencies.