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Locked Out Of Your Car? Help Is Just Around the Corner!

We’ve all been there at least once in our lives (and if you haven’t, count yourself extremely lucky), you’re standing outside of your car in a rush to get somewhere or perhaps just having a moment of thoughtlessness. Regardless of the circumstances, the moment you realize your car door is locked with your keys inside, you’re day takes a quick turn towards the terrible. You’re locked out with no help in sight.

Being locked out of your car doesn’t have to be an inconvenience that sucks up hours of your life and a substantial amount of your personal funds. With the right resources, this obstacle can be overcome in no time at minimal cost through the help of Mach 1 Roadside Assistance.

This article will discuss how Mach 1 can help when you’re locked out, what to expect, and why this is the best service for the job.

Locked Out of My Car, Now What?!

There are few things in life as instantly frustrating and inconvenient as being locked out of your car, especially since it always seems to happen at the absolute worst times.

Maybe you’re already running late to work or an important appointment and now have to make up the hours or reschedule. Maybe you’re a busy parent who needs to pick up your kids from daycare or an extra-curricular and now you need to find someone to watch them until you arrive. One of our favorites is when Mother Nature decides you are being locked out with nowhere to go the perfect time to unleash a blizzard or rainstorm.

Even in pristine conditions where the sun is shining and you have nowhere to be, being locked out of your car isn’t a fun experience. That’s why it is always important to have a backup plan when something like this happens.

The most time and cost-efficient way to get back into your car after being locked out are to contact a roadside assistance service, the best being Mach 1.

All you need is the Mach 1 mobile app to contact the closest provider who will arrive in minutes to get you into your car and on the road.

How Do You Unlock Your Car if You’re Locked Out?

When locked out of your car, you can always utilize some DIY methods to get back in, but you’re far more likely to damage something that will cost you more to repair than if you’d contacted a service like Mach 1.

Mach 1 is the optimal choice for helping you unlock your car after you’ve discovered you’re locked out. With them, you have a stress-free way to contact nearby professionals who can meet you at your location and unlock your car for a reasonable fee.

Most professional services will utilize various specialty tools to help them get into your car, depending on its model. A majority of modern cars are equipped with systems that prevent you from locking the key inside if the car detects that the tiny radio transmitter within the key is inside the car when the lock button is pushed.

Sadly, this is a relatively new feature in modern car keys, and so, cars without it can easily be locked with the key inside. In these instances, professionals will either pick the lock on your car door, or they will use their tools to pull the lock tab inside your car to unlock the door.

How Does Mach1 Services Lock Out Service Work?

Mach 1 was created to help people in need contact nearby professionals without dealing with a third-party company that requires subscriptions, memberships, or paying several fees.

Dealing directly with a roadside assistance organization can be a time-consuming and expensive process, which is why Mach 1 is so unique and beneficial. Companies like AAA require an individual to have a membership before their eligible to receive their services. Therefore, if you find yourself locked out of your car, you’d have to call the company, sign up for a membership, and then wait for them to dispatch an available professional to your location.

The largest expense comes from the membership, which is usually only offered for an annual lump fee rather than you paying for this one occasion. You could then wait several hours for one of the company’s professionals to arrive if they are busy servicing other members.

Mach 1 recognizes being locked out of your car is frustrating enough, which is why they do away with this lengthy process. Instead, all someone needs to do is download the Mach 1 app on their phone (applicable for both Apple and Android), go to the “services” tab, and click the “lockout” link.

From there, you’ll create an account using your name, phone number, and email, so you’ll receive notifications from the professional after requesting assistance. Once your account is made, you’ll enter information regarding your location and your car’s make and model. This will help professionals find you more quickly and determine what tools they need to unlock your car.

After all of the essential information has been entered, you’ll see a service estimate on your screen to confirm or deny. If you decide to confirm, you’ll enter your payment information, and Mach 1 will contact a professional in your immediate area. The service provider will then be dispatched to your location and use the contact information you enter to stay in touch with you until they arrive and use universal lockout tools to unlock your car.

What Can I Expect From a Technician Once They Arrive?

Rest assured that any technician you’re connected with through Mach 1 is a professional of the utmost caliber.

All Mach1 puts exceptional care into choosing who is on their team of service providers by placing each applicant through a seven-point check. This system will determine their credibility, skill set, efficiency, and more to ensure the safety of Mach 1 users and the benefit of the service providers.

Once the technicians are deemed suitable, Mach 1 will add them to the list of viable service providers within a designated region and require them to be insured and finish a training course on safety practices so technicians are prepared to assist with various issues.

When your Mach 1 chosen technician arrives, they’ll confirm your identity and issue as detailed by the Mach 1 app and then get to work on unlocking your car. Because you pay through the app before their dispatch, there is no price haggling or additional fees discussed upon arrival. All services are paid for before the technician arrives, and their sole purpose is to get you back into your car and on the road.

If you are experiencing any issues with your technician or are uncertain if they are conducting business according to Mach 1 guidelines, you can contact a Mach 1 representative directly through the app 24/7.

What Should I Do While I Wait for Someone to Help Me Unlock My Car?

After Mach 1 has dispatched a professional to your location, you don’t need to do anything but wait with your vehicle. This will make it easier for the service provider to find you and resolve the issue quickly.

If you can’t wait with your vehicle, perhaps for safety reasons, you can contact the service professional based on the information Mach 1 gives you after payment. You would then communicate that you are incapable of waiting directly next to your car until they arrive and request they contact you when they are nearing your location so you can meet them at your car when they arrive.

Staying near your car is the preferred option, but if this isn’t possible, try to find a nearby location you can wait instead, such as a coffee shop or any safe public building.

Another safety measure you could take is to contact someone and inform them that you’ve been locked out of your car and waiting for help. While this isn’t required, it can reduce stress and anxiety related to being locked out of your car and meeting a stranger for help if someone knows where you are and the details of the situation.

Overall, the best perk of Mach 1 is that all you have to do is create an account, pay for the service, and wait. Once the technician arrives, they’ll help unlock the car for you, and then you can be on your way.

How Does Using Mach 1 Services Save Me Money?

People all over the nation are switching to Mach 1 daily because of their user-friendly setup, efficiency, and, most importantly, the significant sums of money this option saves them.

Mach 1 saves users money because they only have to pay for services as they need them, rather than paying for a year’s worth of services when they might only need help once or twice in that timeframe. The mobile app required to use Mach 1 services is also free, so you don’t have to pay to contact the company.

Additionally, Mach 1 helps users save money by ensuring they don’t overpay for services. When you are connected with a service professional, you’ll see an estimated price listed at the bottom of your screen, waiting for your confirmation. This listed price isn’t based on what that professional charges, but rather, the average cost of your service based on your location.

Because of this, prices tend to vary depending on where you are, but you won’t have to worry about haggling with the service professional or comparing their price with others nearby. All Mach 1 service professionals agree with the system and will serve you to the best of their abilities regardless of how the Mach 1 price you pay matches up with what they typically charge.

Final Thoughts

Getting locked out of your car definitely isn’t an occasion most people look forward to, but the stress of it happening can be greatly reduced if you have a safety net already in place. Mach 1’s lockout services are the best safety net you could have and will resolve this issue before you even get the chance to worry about how a lockout will affect your day.

Professional service providers that have been strategically selected and background checked by Mach 1 will arrive at your location faster than any organization for a fraction of the cost, saving you money, time, and frustration. All you have to do is download their free app today and make an account ready to use at a moment’s notice for the best roadside assistance you can buy.