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Mach1 Roadside Assistance interview with Co-founder and President, Laura Narpaul.

Question: What makes Mach1 Roadside Assistance different?

Answer: Mach1 Roadside Assistance is different from other motor clubs or insurance companies for a few reasons. The first reason is that there are no monthly or annual membership/subscription fees. You get a free membership and access to Mach1’s vetted and independent provider network. Our customers only pay when they need assistance. This is especially helpful during this time when customers who do pay motor clubs are getting an additional bill at the end of the service. The roadside assistance industry is changing. The effects of COVID on the provider businesses have been immense. Many businesses shut down and others are barely breaking even. This is a trend that has been coming for a long time, and is overdue for an industry change. Customers love a deal and fair price, and so do providers. This is why Mach1 has a fair market price range, where the customer and the provider work together to determine the final cost of the service. The customer can never be price gauged and the provider will always make a fair rate.

Our program goes beyond just changing the traditional pricing and membership model. It changes the whole experience. Our customers use an app to request a service. This pings the Mach1 dispatching system automatically and connects the customer to the closest service provider. We’ve had providers that are less than a mile away and services completed in 15 minutes. Why go through a call center who then has to find a provider that services your area, to then have them negotiate the rate they’re going to help you for, then to be dispatched. That whole process can take the same amount of time and longer than what it takes to get services completed with Mach1. And it’s not just convenience either. Accidents and fatalities can happen when people are stuck on the side of the road. The key is to get people off the side of the road as fast as possible. The Mach1 software does that.

In addition to the automation, Mach1 digitally connects the customers and roadside assistance providers. There is a map that is displayed in the app that actually shows the providers location- No more calling and calling and calling a call center to find out who is coming and when they will be there. You can actually see that in the Mach1 app. Further, Mach1 roadside assistance connects providers and customers using phone number masking. So, a customer never has to give out their personal contact information. They can call and text each other at any time during the service request.

Beyond the roadside assistance and digital system, Mach1 is founded on ‘People Helping People.’ Providers help customers in need, customers help providers build their small businesses by using Mach1, and the digital system makes it all happen faster than the traditional model. Mach1 also has a veteran program where we work with transitioning military members and veterans to get into the roadside assistance business. Veterans have a special place in our hearts as my husband and business partner who is the CEO of Mach1 is an Air Force veteran. So when customers are using the Mach1 roadside assistance app, they are actually supporting the veteran community.

Question: How does a customer pay for roadside assistance with Mach1?

Answer: Payments are all done digitally. A customer simply adds a credit or debit card when they submit their order. This can be done ahead of time if the customer chooses to just have the app on-hand in case of a roadside assistance need. After the service is completed the provider proceeds to checkout the customer and a receipt is automatically emailed to the customer. The payment is captured and the provider is paid immediately. Mach1 offers the fastest payout in the industry to our providers. Think about it. These providers are small businesses that you are supporting and they have families to feed. Other motor clubs will make providers wait on average two weeks or 30 days to get their money… if they even pay them. Oftentimes providers will never even receive money for the jobs they complete. Mach1 changes that.

Question: Do you offer Tow Truck services?

Answer: Yes, we offer tow truck services. When a customer requests a tow truck they select between three options. They can choose a flatbed, standard or no preference. They then choose their tow destinations. If they don’t have a destination in mind, they can select one from a list that populates the closest repair shops to their specific location, making repair and further assistance more accessible and taking out the difficulty in roadside assistance.

Question: What about Fuel Delivery if I run out of gas?

Answer: Yes, Mach1 offers fuel delivery for those customers who run out of fuel on the side of the road. Customers can choose what fuel type they’d like from unleaded, premium and even diesel. Providers will bring a couple gallons of fuel, depending on the customers needs, and help them get back on the road faster. Because the Mach1 dispatch system finds the closest provider, customers aren’t stranded as long as other motor clubs.

Question: What if I have a tire blow out on the road?

Answer: Providers are trained to help with flat tire services. Services range from replacing a flat tire with the customer’s own spare to towing the vehicle if there is no spare available. Some of our providers even have tire rental so if you have a flat tire but do not have a spare you may be able to rent one. This is especially useful if the flat happens during off business hours. Mach1 is working to offer tire rental to all its customers, and for now it’s available in certain markets across the U.S.

Question: What if I lock my keys in the car?

Answer: Mach1 can help you with that too. We have professionals that are trained to get you back in your vehicle without keys. All you need to do is select the lock out service in the app.

Question: Am I missing any roadside assistance services?

Answer: Well, definitely you’ve right the most frequently requested services. Tow trucks, out of fuel, flat tires and lockouts are the most commonly needed services. We also offer jump starts for dead batteries and we even have a feature that can connect you to your local non-emergency police department. The system will take your GPS location and provide you with the closest police station for those non-emergency situations that need police assistance. Mach1 also offers mobile mechanics in some markets where a licensed mechanic can come to your home, office, wherever you are. We’ve even had someone get their radiator replaced through our app. I am personally excited about our scheduling feature that will be released soon that will enable customers to order any of our services in advance, scheduling them out with a provider up to seven days in advance.

Question: What makes Mach1 Services such a highly rated roadside assistance provider?

Answer: The Mach1 roadside assistance dispatching system digitally finds the closest service provider to the customer. This speeds up help time significantly. We have a 4.5 rating of our providers from happy customers.

Question: How do I get Mach1 Roadside Assistance?

Answer: You can find our apps in both the Apple and Google play stores. Just look for the blue and red Mach1 icon. Or you can head to our website home page where there are buttons for quick downloads. Safe Travels!