most common causes of a flat tire on car

The 5 Most Common Causes of a Flat Tire

There is nothing worse than getting behind the wheel and having your commute interrupted by a flat tire. Most of the time, it is not even the driver’s fault that the tire went flat. What are some reasons why this might happen?

The 5 most common causes of a flat tire are:

  1. Wear and tear
  2. Leaking valve stem
  3. Sharp objects and road conditions
  4. Improperly inflated tires
  5. The weather

Whether your tire is flat because of the above reasons or not, it still interrupts a person’s entire day. It is a good thing that services exist that will help with any of those roadside needs. Keep reading to learn more about Mach1 Services and how they can help you when you’re in a pinch like having your tire suddenly flatten on you.

Is There an App Service for a Flat Tire? (Yes, Mach1 Services)

Mach1 uses a network of independent service providers to get to you the fastest way possible.

Mach1 services is an application available in both the Google Play Store and iTunes. Mach1 provides roadside assistance to individuals who request roadside assistance through the application. The services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These service providers can also bring things to you, like:

  • A new battery
  • A gallon of gas
  • Come rescue you from a flat tire

While Mach1 does use independent roadside assistance workers to dispatch the best people to your location the fastest. These independent service providers are not employed by Mach1, but Mach1 does take extra care in making sure that these people are safe to be out there.

Mach1 puts its independent providers through a strenuous background check nationally, statewide, and in the county to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the transaction. Mach1 also supports veterans across America and has a ton of information available to people on their website.

How Does Mach1 Services Work?

Now that you know what Mach1 Services is, you may be wondering how the app works?

Mach1 services works by automatically dispatching the closest networked service provider to you. They are available in all fifty states (limited services available in extremely rural areas, such as Wyoming and Nevada).

Some things they can provide:

  • Provides mobile mechanic services among
  • Assist a patron with being locked out of their car
  • Other high-demand auto service needs

It is important to note that the service providers can negotiate their rates after hours. This is mainly because it is after hours and let us face it, anyone coming to your rescue at one am deserves at least the option to negotiate their rate.

The 5 Most Common Causes of a Flat Tire

Now, let’s get into some of the most common causes for a flat tire below.

Wear and Tear Causes Flat Tires

The average tire is good for fifty to eighty thousand miles when they are brand new.

With regular wear and tear the tire becomes worn around the seams and seals of the tire. Tires should typically be replaced at around thirty thousand miles.

When tires are not rotated regularly (every other oil change, or every seventy-five hundred miles whichever comes first), they can become worn faster than average around the seam areas. This can cause irregular wear patterns on the tires and make them more susceptible to becoming flat for other reasons.

The Valve Stem Is Leaking or Not Properly Installed

The valve is located inside the valve stem on the outer part of the tire.

The valve inside the stem can become loose and start leaking air. A valve tool can be used to remove the valve and re-install the valve. Typically valve stems do not need to be replaced unless they have become damaged for one reason or another.

Weather and road conditions are the most common reasons for valve stem damage. If the tire is needing air frequently the valve inside the stem can become loose and needs to be tightened using a valve tool. If the stem itself is damaged, it needs to be replaced by a tire shop.

Running Over Sharp Objects and Bad Road Conditions While Driving

A common occurrence when traveling is running over sharp objects.

Although tire manufacturers create tires with this in mind, there is no cure-all for running over sharp objects. The side wall of the tire is the worst part to run over a sharp object, the tire typically needs to be replaced at that point.

If the sharp object is located in the tread pattern, the tire can oftentimes be repaired.

Potholes are a major source of flat tires, often more times than not. When the roads are wet, and the asphalt repair does not stick, the rain and water make the pothole even deeper and harder to see (because the water has filled the hole, and the entire road is already full of puddles).

The Tire Is Not Properly Inflated

Tire pressure is important not only for gas mileage but also so that the tire has the correct amount of air in it to resist road conditions and support the weight of the vehicle.

If the tires are not properly inflated, the seams of the tires will rub against each other and cause damage to the tires, causing a flat.

Now, let’s take a look at the next reason your tire may flatten.

The Weather Changes Can Cause a Flat Tire

Heat and cold temperatures can cause flat tires. Even though it is more common to cause a flat tire in the summertime due to high temperatures, the cold weather can also cause flat tires.

The heat causes air to expand, and when the tire is inflated to the maximum pounds per square inch(PSI), and the air expands inside the tire, then the tire is technically over-inflated.

When the tire is overinflated, it can become flat, develop bulges in the side walls, or separate from the rim and cause leaks.


Regardless of how the flat tire came about, Mach1 roadside assistance services are there to help get you back on the road at any time of the day. Mach1 is not limited to only changing flat tires either, they also do batteries, and will open the door if you lock yourself out of the vehicle.