portable car battery chargers on amazon

The 3 Best Portable Car Battery Chargers on Amazon

It’s a terrible thing to be rushing out of the house on a Monday morning only to be met with the sound of a clicking engine. Worse, your car battery dies on the side of the road with no one in sight. Regardless of the situation, a dead car battery leads to one thing – panic. But with a handy portable car battery charger, you can put these worries to rest – anytime, anywhere.

Portable car battery chargers are game-changers, providing peace of mind to car operators. There are many top-tier options on the market, but the NOCO GENIUS1 is ideal for those who want a simple model. For added features, consider the NOCO Boost Plus or the DEWALT DXAEJ14.

What is a Portable Car Battery Charger?

A portable car battery charger is precisely that – an on-the-go charger that can bring your battery back to life, whether in your driveway or the middle of nowhere. Think of it as an oversized portable phone charger that can revive your car’s battery anytime you need it.

How it works is simple. You’ll charge the portable charger in your home until it’s fully charged. Then, transport it to your vehicle. When your car battery dies, you can use the included positive and negative leads to charge your battery. There is zero need for an outlet or another individual. As long as the portable car battery is charged, you can bring your car’s battery back to life.

Why Are Car Battery Chargers So Useful?

Car batteries rarely die when it’s “convenient.” That said, you can easily find yourself with a dead battery on the side of the road with no one in sight. This can lead to a potentially dangerous situation, for instance, if you’re in a desert area with high temperatures.

But with a portable car battery charger, you don’t have to worry about these types of situations. In fact, you won’t have to worry if your car battery dies anywhere. With a portable car battery, you can revive your battery anywhere by yourself – which means no more having to chase down neighbors to give you a jump.

Some portable car battery chargers go beyond the basics, too. For example, some come with USB plugs to charge your phone in an emergency. Others come with other handy features, such as built-in air compressors to help during a flat tire situation.

A portable car battery is a gateway to a somewhat stress-free life. In any case, it reduces the stress of finding a jumpstart, which can be challenging, if not impossible, in hazardous circumstances.

The 3 Best Portable Car Battery Chargers on Amazon

Everyone should own a portable car battery charger. Not only do they make life much easier, but they can also keep you safe while on the road. But which portable car battery charger should you buy? If you seem to find weak car battery symptoms then Check out this comprehensive list of the top three best portable car battery chargers on Amazon.


Those looking for a simplified portable car battery charger will appreciate the NOCO GENIUS1. This portable car battery charger comes with all the basics you could ever want in an easy-to-use format that any driver can utilize.

The NOCO GENIUS1 is designed to be 35% smaller yet 35% more powerful – meaning it can fit anywhere without sacrificing strength and reliability. This portable car battery charger is so robust it can charge batteries as low as 1 volt. You can also use the force mode to bring completely dead batteries back to life.

This 1000-amp portable lithium car battery charger works on gasoline engines up to six liters and diesel engines up to three liters. Use it to power up your dead car battery and keep your batteries in tip-top shape thanks to the inclusion of auto repair and performance capabilities.

2. NOCO Boost Plus

The NOCO Boost Plus is the obvious choice for those who want more features. Like the NOCO GENUIS1, the NOCO Boost Plus is a 1000-amp lithium car battery charger that works with gasoline engines up to six liters and diesel engines up to three liters. It’s also safe and easy to use, so even beginners can learn to jump their own car battery in no time.

However, this portable car battery is a standout thanks to its multi-function abilities. Not only is it a reliable five-star car jump starter, but it also doubles as a portable power bank to charge your smartphones, tablets, and other devices requiring a USB. It also comes with a convenient 100-lumen LED flashlight to ensure there are no complications – no matter how dark it is outside.

This advanced portable car battery charger includes high-discharge lithium technology paired with a water-resistant enclosure to ensure safety in any climate. Add that to the fact that this handy portable car battery charger is just 2.4 pounds, and you’ve got a lightweight yet durable car battery charger you can trust.

3. DEWALT DXAEJ14 Digital Portable Power

Being able to provide instant relief for dead car batteries and flat tires brings the ultimate peace of mind – and that’s what this portable car battery charger from DEWALT has to offer.

The DEWALT DXAEJ14 is the “ultimate” portable equipment for safety on the road. It comes with 1400 peak amps of power to jump-start cars and trucks utilizing up to V8. It also has a built-in AC charging cube and USB ports, providing effortless power to your electronic devices.

The exclusive feature of this portable car battery charger is, of course, the 1200 PSI digital compressor, which has a sure-fit nozzle to adapt to your tire with ease. Complete with a 10-minute auto-shutoff, you can rest assured your portable car battery charger, and compressor combo unit remains unharmed and ready to go when you need it most.

Never Fear a Dead Car Battery Again!

With a portable car battery charger on your side, you won’t have to think twice about finding a jumpstart or being stranded. Opt for the NOCO GENIUS1 if you want the basics, or get the NOCO Boost Plus for additional features like USB. Finally, the DEWALT DXAEJ14 is ideal for those seeking a portable car battery charger paired with a handy air compressor.