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Mach1 is making it easier than ever to make money by automating and digitizing the roadside assistance industry. You don’t need a tow truck to change a flat tire or bring someone gas. You choose the services you want to provide, and you choose when you want to work.

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    The Future of Roadside Assistance

    At Mach1 we understand the problems you face as a provider & have built a system that works for you! We invite you to be a part of our Individual Service Provider team.

    Price Haggling Competitive Pay Base
    Flat Fees Price Window (you choose final price)
    Phone/Manual Dispatch/Call Center Automated Dispatch (system dispatches - no dispatcher contact)
    Cannot Find Customer Location GPS to Customer
    Have to Give Out Cell Number In-App Communication
    Monthly Pay Weekly Pay (automatic deposit)
    Not Appreciated Rewards Program