Tow Truck One Liners

10 Hilarious Tow Truck One Liners

Tow trucks are an essential part of road safety since they come to pick up stranded cars and help them safely get out of traffic. In addition to their necessity, they also provide a fair amount of material for jokes and puns that will give you a good chuckle.

Tow truck one liners are short jokes that use tow trucks as a punch line or use it as a play on words for a pun. There are so many different types of one liners out there, and all of them make tow trucks way funnier than they can be.

The following article is a short list of ten hilarious tow truck one liners. It also includes a brief section on how helpful Mach1 services can be if you’re having issues with your car in the middle of the road.

I Bet You Didn’t Know Tow Truck Humor Was a Thing!

Tow truck drivers also have a sense of humor! Even though tow truck humor is a bit less well known, there are plenty of tow truck one liners and puns available on the internet.

There is a surprising amount of tow truck one liners and puns available on the internet. And just because they are less known, doesn’t mean they won’t get a good laugh out of you. They are mainly available on joke sites and sites like Pinterest, where users can collect any that make them laugh in pin boards.

How Many Puns Can You Haul Away With a Tow Truck?

The amount of tow truck jokes available on Pinterest is immense. Pin boards that specifically save tow truck jokes have a significant supply. The amount of pins on these boards can range from a few to hundreds.

Pinterest is a very popular place for tow truck puns and one liners. People like to upload any jokes they find on the internet as pins, and others that like them can save them to their boards. There seems to be an endless amount of tow truck humor available on the internet, but here are ten jokes that are especially funny.

10 Hilarious Tow Truck One Liners

It’s difficult to choose only ten tow truck jokes from the vast supply of them available. But the ten that were chosen are guaranteed to give you a good laugh.

The following selection of ten tow truck jokes is a mix of puns and one liners. The sources of them vary between online forums and Pinterest boards.

If there was a film about a car towing a boat, would there be a trailer?

The source of this joke is an online forum that posts tow truck puns.

What is a con artist’s truck towed with? A pickup line.

This joke is also from an online forum that posts tow truck puns.

Did you hear about the 2 Tow Truck drivers who wanted to elope? They got hitched.

This pun is from the same online forum as the previous two.

Did you know that 98% of Fords are still on the road? The other 2% made it home.

This joke is from a Pinterest board that has a few tow truck jokes saved.

Looks like he could use a tow, or a hand.

This joke was made by a trucker’s three year old that was posted to an online forum.

We won’t charge an arm and a leg, we just want your tow.

This joke is from a tow truck bumper sticker and was posted on a Pinterest board.

Have you seen one of those tow trucks before? They’re tow-tally amazing!

This joke comes from a different online forum that also posts tow truck humor.

What do you call a row of 5 tow trucks? A foot.

This joke was found on an online forum about tow truck puns.

Dad, what’s a day off? I don’t know son, I drive a tow truck.

This somewhat deprecating but still humorous joke is from a trucking humor Pinterest board.

I got a flat tire today, it was a deflating experience.

Last but not least, this pun is from a tow truck humor online forum.

Need a Tow Truck? We’ll Save The Laughs Until After The Repairs

While tow truck puns are humorous, they won’t be able to help you when your car breaks down. That’s where Mach1 services come in, they offer multiple different ways for you to request a tow truck through them. 

Mach1 is a tow truck service that allows you to request a tow truck through them in multiple ways. A few methods they use to let you request tow trucks include calling them and communicating with them via their app. Calling them is the most simplistic option, but it gives you access to a variety of services and solutions, including:

  • Tow truck
  • Flat tire
  • Dead battery
  • Lockouts

They also have an app that’s downloadable for iPhone and Android. A few features of the app include:

  • No subscription fees are required
  • In app communication with Mach1 employees
  • GPS Location assistance
  • Automated dispatch

The app is available to download for free, meaning you don’t have to pay a monthly fee in order to use it. You only have to pay for the services you need, such as tow trucks or other services.

There is a chat feature that allows you to communicate with Mech1 employees, including service providers and tow truck drivers. So if you want to know how far away your driver is or if you want to talk to someone about other options, you have the ability to talk to them in real time.

The app also has the latest GPS tracking technology so they can tell exactly where you are and send you help fast. It also helps make the automated dispatch services more efficient since the app will connect you to the correct service provider immediately to get you the help you need.

With so many features and services available, Mach1 road assistance is one of the best services available.

Final Thoughts

Tow truck humor is more popular than one might expect, as evidenced by the significant amount of puns and jokes available. Even though they all warrant a good laugh, Mach1 services will save the jokes for after they get you the help you need when on the road.