Future of Roadside Assistance

Introducing Mach1. The future of roadside assistance.

Mach1 is the first on-demand phone app to truly automate and digitize the roadside assistance industry.

The problem with the current model:
The current roadside assistance model has many problems. Many consumers deal with the headaches and frustrations simply because there has been no other option… until now.

What they don’t like:

  • Long wait times
  • No GPS which leads to providers not able to find them
  • Subscription fees when it’s not used
  • Hidden fees/ extra fees
  • Manual dispatch (they call or chat someone, that person finds a provider, who may not be the best, but just answered their phone)
  • No vetting of providers so they don’t know if they are truly safe

Introducing Mach1:

Mach1 is an app that automatically dispatches service providers based on the proximity and service of the customer in need.

  • On-Demand (Pay only when you need)
  • Automated dispatch
  • In-app communication to the provider
  • Vetted and insured providers
  • Faster response
  • Emergency contact notification
  • Family plans with no upfront costs

Roadside Assistance Services available:

Flat tire
Tow Truck
Dead battery
Out of fuel
Lock Out
Trip Inspection
Mobile mechanic

About Mach1:We’re on-demand, automated, and save the customers time and money. Our integrated platforms work in real time to dispatch the closest provider, allow providers & consumers to communicate, and harness GPS technology. We offer safety training to our background checked and vetted providers, making safety our first priority.

Mach1 is launching in San Antonio, Summer 2018. If you would like to be notified when it’s available please email [email protected]. Alternately you may call the office at 210-503-5880. To become a service provider please click here.