locked my keys in the car

What do I do if I locked my keys in the car?

There are many annoying things that may happen to you in your daily life. One of the most frustrating things is to lock your keys in your car. If this has ever happened to you, you know the frustration you feel when you see your keys inside your car with no way to open it. It can happen to anyone.

There are several things you can do to avoid this situation or to get help if it happens. If it does happen, it’s important to stay calm. Knowing what your options are ahead of time can help calm the panic if it does happen to you.

What should I do if I locked my keys in the car?

1. Use a spare key

It’s important to always have a spare key. It’s a good idea to leave the spare at your home or with someone you trust that wouldn’t mind bringing it to you in an emergency. 

If you have locked your keys in your car, you know that having a spare with you may get locked in the vehicle as well.

2. Buy a car with benefits

Some cars won’t lock with the power-lock button if the key is in the ignition and a door is open. Other vehicles have a door-mounted keypad that lets you tap in a code to unlock the door. If you drive a vehicle with a telematics system you can call a toll-free number to have your car remotely unlocked. Those systems also offer free apps that let smart-phone owners unlock the doors.

3. Get a temporary key

Your car dealer might be able to make you a temporary key that will open the doors (but not start your car) so that you can retrieve your permanent keys. Most likely, you’ll need your vehicle identification number and proof that you own the car. Not to mention, you’ll need a ride to the car dealership.

4. Call for roadside assistance

Mach1 Services​ is an on-demand roadside assistance app that automatically dispatches help when you need it. We understand the sense of urgency that comes with being locked out and at Mach1 you can order a locksmith with the touch of a button. Then, the nearest service provider will be automatically dispatched to help. Wondering what does an auto locksmith do? Check out that article to find out!

5. Call a tow truck service

A convenient way to get your vehicle unlocked is to call a tow truck service. Knowing the cost for a tow truck and calling the one that is closest to your location can help speed up the process. At ​Mach1 Services​, you can get a tow truck fast with our on-demand and automated app. Once you download the app, simply select the tow truck service and our system will automatically connect you with the service provider closest to you. No more price haggling and the third party coordinating while you wait.

(Find out more information about how to unlock your car with your keys inside with that article!)

Who can I call to unlock my car?

  1. Mach 1 Services

At ​Mach1, you can simply use our on-demand app to call the nearest provider to unlock your car. In fact, our system automatically dispatches a provider without a call center coordinating. We offer an on-demand platform and free customer account so you can access our vetted and background checked network without any upfront fees.

The nearest auto locksmith will be assigned and you’ll be able to talk and track their progress to you! Other services we offer are; flat tire changes, out of fuel, tow truck, dead battery, mobile mechanic, trip inspections, and other non-emergency police connection services.

  1. American Automobile Association

Some organizations like the American Automobile Association, or AAA, also offer vehicle lockout services. However, there are a few differences. For one, you have to be a pre-paid member with proof of membership at the time the order is placed. They offer an app, but it still goes to a call center for provider assignment. This contributes to the infamous roadside assistance wait times. The provider they send won’t always be the closest.

  1. Friends and Family if Available

We all hope we can call a loved one in a time of need. Possibly someone you’ve left a key with would be ideal to come to assist and it may only cost you a free lunch. If no one is available, and for about the cost of lunch, you can try the Mach1 app to find the closest provider to you.

How much does it cost if you lock your keys in your car?

The average cost of a vehicle lockout is usually around $50 – $200 depending on the services you need and the level of work involved. At Mach1 Services, prices vary based on region. You will see an estimated price in the app before you confirm your service. Once your Service Provider helps you, you’ll sign off on the final amount from their device. Prices are based on fair market value, meaning the average price of each service in the region.

Can you unlock your car with the keys inside?

The short answer is ‘it depends’. In most cars, if you exit the car and do not touch any locks (remote, key, or inside doors), the car will remain unlocked even if the keys are inside. However, if you lock the car and accidentally leave your keys inside it is likely that you won’t be able to unlock your car. In most keyless models that use a button to ignite, the car has a proximity sensor which will detect where the key is. If the key is inside the car then it will not allow the car to be opened from the outside. It all depends on which type of car or model you have.

How to choose the best option for lockout service.

You have a few options to choose from when you’ve locked your keys in the car. Leaving a spare key with someone you trust or in an easily accessible spot can save you money, but may not save you time. Pre-paid roadside assistance memberships are an option. You will want to read the fine print before you purchase one as the fine print will often specify hidden charges for certain makes and models. The new way to get lockout services is to use the Mach1 app which has no upfront fees and provides an automated process saving you time and money. We hope you never need it, but we’re here if you do. Safe Travels!