Cost for a tow truck

Tow Truck Service 101: Tire Change, Cost, Pay and More!

It always happens. You’ve planned a big shopping trip to buy those holiday gifts. But, seconds after you get out on the road, you get a flat tire. Well, no longer do you have to worry about being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Just get out your cellphone and fire up your Mach1 app. In just a few minutes, a service provider will arrive. They can change your tire for you. Or, if you don’t have a spare, a Mach1 provider can tow you to the nearest garage.

Yes, your big shopping trip may have to be postponed, but you’ll save time and money by using Mach 1, so you’ll be able to reschedule that trip sooner than you think!

Tow truck service 101: What is the best tow truck service?

Car problems are beyond annoying. Especially if you have to be somewhere in a hurry. But, thanks to our easy-to-use app, Mach1 connects you with the best tow truck services on the road today! Mach1 is the surest way to get your tire fixed and get back on the road again. No longer will you have hour-long waits for a tow truck driver to arrive. The Mach1 has revolutionized the roadside assistance industry by using GPS to find the service provider nearest to you, getting help to you in no time!

When you use the app, you’ll see an estimated price before you confirm your service. Once your car has been repaired, you’ll approve the final price. And, you’ll only pay the average price for the service in the region you are in.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about ability and skill of the service provider coming to help you. We only work with the best. We have a seven-point check to vet our service providers and we offer deals to veterans looking to be providers.

Take a look at all of the services Mach1 offers:

  • Dead Battery – Order the jump start service if you’ve left those lights on overnight and your car won’t start
  • Flat Tire – Whether you need to change a flat tire or get towed to a garage to buy a new tire, we have the service provider just for you
  • Mobile Mechanic – If your car is in your driveway but needs a repair, use your app to request service to come out
  • Lockouts – Our trained locksmiths will come out quickly, saving you precious time
  • Out of Fuel – We’ve all done it. The next time you forget to fill up, order a Mach1 service provider for a refuel.
  • Non-Emergency – Maybe you just need an oil change. No worries, we’ll come to your home or office.
  • Tow Truck – Some repairs need to be done at a garage. In those instances, order our towing service
  • Trip Inspection – Mach1 offers you peace of mind. We’ll come out to inspect your car before you go on a driving trip. Let us help you have the best vacation possible!


In this article we’ll take you through the ins and outs of using a tow truck service and why you should choose the safety, security and fair pricing of Mach1. We’ll start by talking about general prices for calling out a tow truck and for changing a tire. We’ll also go in-depth as to what you’ll be paying depending on a variety of conditions. Then, we’ll discuss whether you can negotiate with your tow truck driver, if insurance will cover a tow, and what tow truck drivers are earning these days. We hope that all of the information in this article will help you before you get stranded on the side of the road and will keep you safe and secure.

Why choose Mach1?

With Mach 1, you’ll no longer need a subscription for roadside service and annual membership. Instead, your use an on-demand roadside app that matches and automatically sends out a local roadside provider to your location based on your car’s problem, from tire changes, to lockouts to jumpstarts. The app is quick and easy to use. Never again will you have to wait on hold, hoping that someone picks up soon. And Mach1 works with a talented network of garages, tow trucks, auto locksmiths and more, so that your repair is done quickly and accurately.

How much does it cost for a tow truck service?

We’ve looked at different tow truck prices throughout the country. And we found that tow trucks generally charge a minimum rate, usually around $50. The cheapest we found was $35 for a tow of less than 5 miles and the most expensive was $600 for a tow of 100 miles. Remember, however, that prices vary depending on your location. But, if you use the Mach1 app, you’ll only pay the fair market price of the region you are in. You won’t have to worry about price gauging or hidden extras. And you don’t pay until the service is complete!

Average tow truck cost to change a tire?

Depending on the type of tire you have, a tow truck driver will charge around $50 to change it. The minimum cost for a tow truck to come out to your location is around $50. Again, the advantage of using the Mach1 app to have a service provider come out to your location to fix your tire is that you’ll pay the going rate and not a cent more. And you’ll know what the price will be before you confirm the service you want.

How much does it cost for a tow truck to tow a car?

Before a tow truck driver can quote you a price to tow your car, they’ll need to take 3 factors into account:

  • What time of day it is.
  • How big your car is.
  • How far do they have to tow your car.

You’ll pay between $95 to have an average car towed for the first 5 to 10 miles. You’ll pay $2 to $4 for each mile over that. If you need to be towed after hours (usually between 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.), you could pay up to $150 extra! Also, if you drive a larger or heavy-duty vehicle, you could pay between 20 to 25% more for a tow. To avoid unnecessary markups, check out how a tow truck works and go with the roadside service you can trust.  Choose Mach1 and you’ll know the price you’re going to pay is fair.

If you have a roadside assistance plan, you could pay an average yearly rate of between $52 to $122 per year; towing will most likely be included. Towing distance allowed will vary; check with your plan before you choose a location where you want to have your car towed to. But why pay for a yearly service that you may never use? It’s much easier and more efficient to use the Mach1 app.

Can you negotiate with a towing company?

You may be able to negotiate a price with an independent tow truck driver. But, for the most part, if you don’t have free towing through your roadside service plan or full auto insurance coverage, you’ll have to pay a fee just like you would for any tow truck company. However, there’s no need to worry about negotiating or paying for a yearly plan anymore. Just use the Mach1 app to know you’ll pay a fair price each and every time.

But, remember, if you need to get towed after a car accident, and the accident wasn’t your fault, the auto insurance of the driver who was a fault may pay for your towing. It depends on which state you reside in. Know what is covered before you get out on the road. But, even if towing isn’t covered on your policy, Mach1 will always have your back. With just a couple clicks, you can order a tow truck. It’s as easy as that.

Should you tip the AAA tow truck driver?

It’s cold and rainy and your car is dead on the side of the road. Thankfully, your AAA tow truck driver got to you quickly and got you and your car safely to a garage. You may be so impressed with their service that you’re wondering whether they accept tips. There’s really no right or wrong when it comes to tipping your tow truck driver. We checked around and says that if you feel that your tow truck driver did an exceptional job, you could tip them $10.

Insurify also suggests that you could tip the AAA tow truck driver 10% of the cost for a tow truck. We’re a tipping culture, so there’s no reason you couldn’t tip your AAA tow truck driver. But, remember, no one is forcing you to, so if you feel like you can’t afford it, then it’s no problem not to tip!

Does my insurance cover towing?

Depending on your insurance, towing is a part of your auto insurance. Check with your insurance provider to make sure you have towing. You may need full coverage: collision, comprehensive and liability insurance to have access to towing. Towing will most likely be provided by your car insurance’s roadside assistance program, however. AAA’s roadside assistance program, for instance, will tow a car up to 10 miles. As we said above, if your battery is dead or you don’t have a spare tire, and you’re stuck on the side of the road with a flat, there’s no need to worry whether a tow is covered by your insurance. Mach1’s tow truck providers will be there before you know it and they’ll get your car to a garage for repairs so that a major headache will only be a minor inconvenience.

How much do tow truck drivers get paid?

Tow truck driver wages generally hover around $16.50 throughout most of the U.S. That is over $35,500 per year. The highest pay rate we could find was in Livermore, California, with an hourly wage of $19.19 and an annual salary of $39,915. And the lowest pay rate for tow truck drivers we found was $14.29 in El Paso, Texas. That comes out to a yearly wage of $29,659.

Getting back on the road quickly and safely.

No one ever wants their car to break down on the side of the road. But, with Mach1’s roadside service app, you’ll never have to worry again about being stranded. Our GPS technology finds the nearest service provider because we want to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. We’re a customer-oriented company and we’re in the business to help.

We also hope that by detailing what it takes to get your car towed, you’ll be able to compare what the other guys do, and you’ll know that Mach1 is the best. In fact, the general prices we talked about for calling out a tow truck and for changing a tire show that nothing beats Mach1. Our prices are fair, and our service providers are the best around. And by going in-depth as to what you’ll be paying depending on a variety of conditions, we hope you’ll become better educated as to what you’ll actually be shelling out. Of course, if you’re not using the Mach1 app, you may find that you’re paying for hidden extras and things you didn’t agree to. Also, with our  tips on whether you could negotiate with your tow truck driver, if insurance will cover a tow, and, if you’re interested in a new career, what tow truck drivers are earning these days, we hope you learned some useful information that you can take with you on the road. If this article does one thing, we hope it helps you make more informed decisions. Stay safe out there!