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The Best Way to Find a Tow Truck Company Near You

There are many reasons you may need a tow; from an accident, dead engine, flat tire, or for some reason you need to pull over on side of the highway, it is always an inconvenience. Luckily, with Mach1, there are likely to be many available service providers nearby to help you.

The best way to find a tow truck company near you is through the Mach1 app, a fully automated, on-demand, roadside assistance program with providers located across the country.

With over 50,000 towing companies throughout the US, read on to discover why Mach1 is the best roadside service option for you.

How Mach1 Services Works

Mach1 is a new and exciting method for meeting your various roadside assistance and towing needs. It is app-based and connects you to the closest service provider in your area.

The Texas-based company’s motto is “People Helping People”.

Much like Uber or Lyft, you simply request assistance through the app. Instead of working with a dispatcher at your specific membership company, the app recruits someone (a service provider with a contract through Mach1) in your immediate area for your particular need.

This method cuts out:

This operation is designed to get you your service quickly and efficiently.

Overview of Mach1 Services

Mach1 is a progressive program, combining a little customer effort with appealing benefits. Mach1 provides many services, such as:

  • Towing
  • Non-emergency assistance
  • Dead battery
  • Trip inspection
  • Fuel assistance
  • Lockouts

More than just a towing service, Mach1 is at the forefront of accessible, affordable, quick roadside service. Mach1 is also a veteran-owned and veteran-supported company.

Mach1 is Manual and On-Demand

Mach1 is revolutionizing the way that roadside assistance is provided. With their app, made for both Apple and Android products, you can summon assistance automatically and (almost) anywhere on the road.

Mach1 is unique in that they have:

  • No membership fees
  • No annual fees
  • No specific company for tow truck drivers
  • You are supporting independent service providers

You simply pay on-demand when you need a service performed. The app will connect you with a nearby provider, who you pay directly via debit or credit card through the app.

Mach1 is expanding rapidly and hopes to be across the United States soon.

Mach1 Coverage is Always Expanding

Currently, Mach1 has multiple service providers in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

This list is always expanding. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a contracted roadside service provider for Mach1, you simply start by signing up here.  If you don’t see your area on the list of area providers, you can request services to move into your city here.

Mach1 Does More Than Just Tow

If you are looking to utilize Mach1 services in your area, it is important to know that they do more than just tow cars. Mach1 service providers do the following:

  • Non-emergency checks
  • Dead battery assistance
  • Trip inspection
  • Lockouts
  • Fuel assistance

No matter what your roadside needs are, Mach1 is sure to have you covered. Mach1 has your back so you don’t need to call 9-1-1 if your car breaks down.

Mach1 Is User-Friendly

Some individuals may struggle with the idea of an app-based car assistance company. Rest assured, Mach1 is simple and efficient for all users.

Not only is the app simple and straightforward, but Mach1 also includes video tutorials to assist new users in navigating the app.

They have a really helpful blog with articles like:

  • Roadside safety essentials
  • Scenic drives
  • How to change a flat tire
  • What a mobile mechanic can do

Along with these services, Mach1 also has a helpful and responsive social media presence, where they answer questions in real-time and post useful tips on both Instagram and Twitter.

How Is a Tow Truck Company Set Up?

Tow truck companies are generally all very similar to one another. They are either private or public and perform a variety of services such as:

  • Removing damaged cars after an accident
  • Towing illegally parked vehicles in public areas
  • 24/7 emergency roadside assistance

Tow truck companies charge the owner to move a vehicle from one place to another.

(Are you really into cars and want to know how a tow truck works? Find out in that article!)

General Tow Truck Company Setup

Generally, there is a dispatcher and a team of tow truck drivers. If the company has an attached impound lot, there are also people available to access the lot for drivers who have had their vehicles impounded. These charge money for storing the vehicle, which the tow company keeps.

The dispatcher takes a distress call from and one of the following:

  • Customer
  • Business owner
  • Individual
  • A worker from the city/municipality that is enforcing parking laws

The dispatcher then sends the information and location to the tow truck drivers, and they are dispatched to the location as soon as possible.

The tow truck operators tow the vehicle to a predetermined location, and they are paid there.

How Do You Get Towed?

The number of tow trucks available varies with the size of the company. Still, there are generally a few options with different sizes and capabilities, depending on the vehicle type that needs to be towed or the amount of damage to the vehicle. This will impact the wait time for a tow.

The vehicles are then towed by the licensed tow truck drivers either to a specific location requested by the driver, like a mechanic, or to an impound lot if the city or a business has taken the vehicle.

Aside from the obvious accident or highway mishaps, you can get also towed for things like:

  • Illegal long-term parking
  • Abandoning a vehicle
  • Overstaying your timed parking limit
  • Vehicle being repossessed by a bank or dealership
  • Parking in a no parking zone
    • Emergency route, blocking a fire hydrant, etc.

No matter the reasoning behind the tow, they are often a costly – both monetary and time – and inconvenient situation.

How Do You Pay for a Tow?

Many of these towing companies will take the vehicle and driver together from the accident scene or location of the auto issue. If going to a mechanic, the driver will either pay the tow truck operator directly for their service or send an invoice to their roadside assistance company (often an add-on to car insurance), and the paid-monthly tow insurance will cover the cost.

If the car is towed to an impound lot by the city or county, the driver will often need to pay the tow company for both the tow’s distance and a specific predetermined amount to the impound lot for how long the car has been there.

How Mach1 is Different from Other Towing Companies

In comparison to other towing companies, Mach1 is a simpler, more effective way to get your roadside needs met. Mach1 is designed to cut out the “middle-man” membership company (like AAA, Allstate, AARP, etc. and will connect you to the service providers directly.

These providers may be:

  • Towing companies
  • Individuals with a tow truck
  • Independent contractors
  • Off-duty or retired police officers or veterans
  • Neighbors who want to lend a helping hand and make extra cash
  • Certified mobile mechanics

Regardless of their title, all providers go through a rigorous seven-point safety check and training in order to bring you a comfortable and efficient roadside assistance experience. They receive bonuses for frequency of assistance and five-star reviews.

Mach1 provides several features that the other tow companies do not. These advanced services include:

  • Direct in-app communication
  • GPS tracking for provider and customer
  • Payment processing on the go
  • Free app download

Direct communication puts you in contact with your provider as they make their way to you, eliminating issues of misheard directions or notifying you of traffic delays.

GPS tracking within your app will help your service provider find you quickly and seamlessly.

You pay your service provider immediately through the app. The finalized price will be agreed upon by both parties before the service is provided.

The app is free to download, and you only pay for your specific service along with a usage fee charged by Mach1 while you are using the app.

No more roadside assistance add-on charges to your already hefty car insurance premium.

Do Tow Truck Company Drivers Typically Own Their Own Trucks?

Some tow truck drivers drive their own tow trucks, and some drive trucks provided by their towing company. The majority of tow truck drivers do not own the trucks they drive but drive ones owned by their employer.

Some small businesses may have one or two tow trucks available, while others can have dozens in their fleet. The size of the company will depend on the area and the demand for services. There may be several towing companies in your area.

Each tow truck driver has to have a specialized license for driving and operating a tow truck, whether it is their truck or their employer’s truck. This is called a “Registered Tow Truck Operator License”.

This license is not a simple process and varies by state, but generally requires:

  • Minimum age of 18, often a few years of driving experience is required
  • Physical endurance: towing can involve operating heavy chains and machinery, and drivers need to be able to manage this weight
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) required by federal statutes
  • There are three different classifications of tow truck driver, depending on the weight of the potential vehicles involved:
    • Light duty
    • Medium/heavy duty
    • Heavy recovery specialist

All of these trainings and requirements can result in an increased cost for utilizing a tow truck. Mach1 will help offset these costs by allowing you to pay-as-you-need and to pay the driver directly.

What Other Services Can A Tow Truck Company Do?

Tow truck companies often do one thing: tow. There are several benefits to this, including the fact that many tow truck companies have a fleet of tow trucks available with short notice.

Tow companies often assist with:

  • Lockouts
  • Fuel assistance
  • Dead batteries
  • Flat tires

Many of these companies send their tow truck drivers out with their full-sized tow trucks, which can be unnecessary and cost a lot for a simple tire change or locksmith appointment.

Mach1 will dispatch a specific provider who has already signed up for flat-fixes or fuel assistance. These individuals may not even own a tow truck and don’t need to provide certain services like bringing you gasoline or helping change a tire.

This reduces the cost of the services in general and keeps both you and other tow truck drivers moving as needed.

The Benefits of Utilizing Mach1 Tow Company

Using Mach1 for your towing needs is beneficial for several reasons, including:

  • Low-cost, on-demand services
  • Supporting small business owners or individuals
  • No middle-man hassle

There is no doubt everyone will eventually need emergency or non-emergency roadside assistance. When these things happen, Mach1 is a one-stop-shop for all of your roadside assistance needs and towing services at a low cost.