quickest roadside assistance service

The Quickest Roadside Service Out there

When stuck on the side of the road, waiting for someone to pick up the phone from the roadside assistance company; frustration can be a real struggle. The quickest roadside service available uses an automated dispatch system that sends the closest service provider to your location.

Mach1 is the quickest on-demand roadside service out there. Mach1 uses an automated dispatch system to get a service provider to the location.

The automated dispatch system is a proprietary creation of Rick and Laura Narpaul. The app dispatches service providers based on the customer’s needs and the provider’s experience. The goal is to get the best available service provider to the customer’s location on demand, without long wait times.

What is the typical wait time for Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance response times will vary based on the location, the company dispatching, the service requested, and the availability of service providers in the area. Typically the average wait time after the service provider is dispatched will vary between fifteen minutes to two hours.

Mach1 services can lower the wait times because of their automated dispatch system.

Who is Mach1 Services?

Mach1 services is an on-demand roadside assistance app that connects customers with service providers nationwide through an automated distich system. Mach1 has eliminated the need for annual subscriptions and manual dispatching services.

How do Mach1 Services work?

Mach1 services work by automatically dispatching the closest available service provider in your area. The service provider must be in the Mach1 network of screened service providers. This helps ensure that every service provider that assists Mach1 customers is well-vetted and capable of doing the job.

Not only are the service providers local businesses, but the people being dispatched must pass a rigorous nationwide, state-wide, and county background check.

What Services Does Mach1 Offer?

Mach1 provides various roadside assistance services to people based on their geographical location. Mach1 offers every form of roadside assistance in most areas.

Mach1 provides the following services:

  • Flat Tire Repair
  • Towing Service
  • Dead Batteries
  • Fuel Run
  • Mobile Mechanic
  • Lock Out
  • Trip Inspections
  • Non-Emergency Road Side Assistance

Mach1 does not charge for all of its services. Mach1 also has several different methods by which you can select and pay for the requested services, either way, you know the Mach1 price before dispatch. Also checkout some other roadside assistance san antonio.

Mach1 Will Help with the Flat Tire

Mach1 will send a service provider to change your flat tire and get you back on the road. If however, you do not have an accessible spare tire, then Mach 1 recommends that you call a tow truck service instead.

If the flat Tire is not accessible, then Mach1 also recommends that you call a tow truck service instead of using the Mach1 roadside app.

Mach1 Will Send a Tow Truck To Your Location

Not only will Mach one send you a tow truck; but they will also provide a list of shops to that you can tow the vehicle. This way, you don’t have to find a shop and pray the tow truck will take you there for a reasonable price.

The first five miles are included in the initial dispatch service, anything else will be charged at a rate of two or three dollars per mile depending on the area.

Mach1 also allows you to select whether you want a flatbed truck or a traditional dolly-type tow truck.

Mach1 Service Providers Use GPS to Find You and Help with Dead Batteries

When your car won’t start, Mach1 will dispatch the closest service provider to you to help get you back on the road.  If You are unsure that your battery is the culprit, Mach1 suggests ordering the Mobile Mechanic service instead. This way if your battery is to blame, you can add a jump start from the app.

Mach1 is going to be adding a feature where you can order a new battery directly from the app.

Mach1 Will Bring you Fuel If You Run Out

Running out of gas can be a nightmare, especially when you are stuck in between towns on your travels. Mach1 will automatically dispatch the closest service provider to your location using your phone’s GPS. In the app, you can choose between unleaded, premium, or diesel fuel types.

Service providers only carry two gallons of gas, so be sure to stop at a fuel station after receiving the service.

Mach1 will Send a Mechanic To You

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your starter, or alternator changed while you are at work? With Mach1 Mobile Mechanic that is possible. The mechanic is dispatched to your location to complete the repair. The initial visit will include the diagnosis, and then you can add the repair services you like afterward. The final ticket is paid to the service provider on their device.

Mach1 will Unlock Your Vehicle For You if You Get Locked Out

All of Mach1’s service providers carry universal lock-out tools with them to help get you back into your vehicle when you lock the keys in the car. The service is available through the app and you can pay directly through the app with a credit or debit card.

Mach1 will send the closest available service provider to your location.

Mach1 Provides Trip Inspections Dispatched Directly To Your Location

Going on a road trip and need to have a pre-trip inspection done? Mach1 will dispatch a service provider to your location to complete the pre-trip inspection. The diagnosis fee is what is included in the initial dispatch, any further work that needs to be done would be charged separately.

Mach1 will Phone the Police for You for No Charge; Tell Everyone You Know

Statistically, sixty-five percent of emergency calls are for roadside help (car accidents). If you require speaking with non-emergency police officers in your local area, Mach1 will connect you to the local officers. Only use this service if you do not need police, and it has no cost. Dive more into understanding roadside assistance services to know the best when stuck in roadside assistance service.