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The 5 Best Roadside Assistance Services

Whenever our car breaks down, we must bear expenses like repair bills, tow trucks, and jumpstarts, etc. But if drivers have instant access to trained and qualified recovery mechanics through simple and convenient roadside assistance services, not only does it give peace of mind, but it also saves them the hassle of finding professional and affordable car repair services.

The 5 Best Roadside Assistance Services

Roadside assistance services are available to help drivers in a variety of car-related situations. Such services include fuel shortages, lockouts, flat tires, or mechanical failure. The ways we access these services are changing. Although common, the prepaid membership model isn’t the only way to guarantee help when you’re broken down on the side of the road.

Here is an overview of the best roadside assistance service options.

1.     Mach1

Mach1 ranks among the best roadside assistance companies that automatically dispatches help, whenever your vehicle breaks down. Mach1 provides on-demand roadside assistance to help drivers repair and fix their cars in no time. The patent-pending technology offers a wide array of features to streamline multiple roadside assistance services. Users can access their services through Android and iOS apps, which are available for free download. This option gives you the reassurance you want without the membership and hidden fees.

GPS location tracking and the efficient dispatching system are highlights of the Mach1 app. Without any human intervention, the system works using algorithms to locate the nearest roadside assistance, providers. Then, it automatically dispatches them to customers in real-time.

There are no subscription or membership fees; this means you only pay for the help that you need, and at fair market value so you never get price gauged. In-app communication connects you and the provider directly eliminating the middle man and extra frustration.

Here are the services you can enjoy with Mach1.

2.     Allstate

Another famous roadside assistance company that offers a whole range of services is the Allstate Motor Club. From fuel delivery to special discounts and standard lockout assistance, you get multiple services with plenty of benefits for every plan. There are three plans, and users don’t have to pay any extra charges to add their spouse to the plan. However, you will have to pay a small fee if you add a family member under the age of 23 and many members pay additional fees after service has been completed.

Drivers get instant access to qualified providers whenever they are stranded on the road. The basic plan provides coverage for personal automobiles, SUVs, vans, and light trucks. However, it does not cover motorcycles, trailers, or RVs.

3.     Geico

Geico relies on a third party network of providers to get you help. There is no fully automated way to request help so a call center will assign a provider to you. No matter where you get stuck, Geico’s roadside assistance services can come to the rescue. Whenever you have a broken windshield, a flat tire, or any car-related issue, you can ask for help in the Geico mobile app, and then a call center will contact you. GEICO emergency roadside services offer comprehensive assistance and cover many emergencies. The most prominent features of the services include:

  • Labor to change a flat tire
  • Jumpstarts for dead batteries
  • Lockout services

4.     AAA

AAA provides roadside assistance to members from all 50 states. Once you sign up with the company’s services, you get coverage across the U.S. The highlight of their services is that there are no age restrictions on membership plans. AAA provides three tiers of roadside assistance services: Classic, Plus, and Premier.

The service offers extensive coverage not just for cars but also for utility trailers and RVs. Thanks to its Plus RV membership plan, drivers get towing for extra vehicles, up to 100 miles. If you sign-up for the Premier RV plan, you get towing service for up to 200 miles. Subscribers are happy to know that the plans also include bicycle services.

Enjoy excellent roadside assistance services whenever your car or utility trailer breaks down. The AAA club partners with local private towing companies to provide dead battery, flat tire, and unlocking services whenever your car or utility trailer breaks down. Be sure you have your card on you if you need services and read the fine print for hidden and extra fees.

5.     USAA

With a mission to serve the military community, USAA provides 24-hour roadside to military members and their families’. Costs differ according to the plan you select but you pay per vehicle. They also use a third party to manage all their services. Here is an overview of the services you can enjoy with the USAA.

Towing: There can be a fee depending on your coverage. Check the package and plan as there are commonly extra fees.

Jump-Starts: USAA’s partners offer battery services through professionals who can jumpstart your battery. If your vehicle doesn’t engage they may dispatch another provider that can tow you.

Flat Tire: If you don’t want to replace your tire, USAA offers flat tire replacement services on standard passenger vehicles. Like most companies, USAA will not provide replacement services for your motorcycle and they do not have spares. If you don’t have a spare they’ll send a tow truck.

Lockout Services: Whenever you need such services to regain entry to your vehicle, USAA professionals will help you with a tool or a pump wedge to unlock your car door.

Gas Delivery: No need to worry when your car runs out of gas. Reach out to USAA roadside assistance services to get fuel delivery. You will receive enough fuel to drive to the nearest gas station.

How does “Roadside Assistance Near Me” work?

When choosing a roadside assistance service, it is essential that you gain a clear understanding of the different roadside assistance service providers operating in your area. You can use Apple Maps and Google Maps to discover or locate these services. These apps and tools will also provide directions to all locations. Once you type ‘Roadside assistance near me’ or another search such as ‘Mobile Mechanic near me,’ you will get a list of the best and most popular roadside assistance companies to help you choose the ideal one according to your needs and budget.

Keep in mind companies like Mach1 vet and background check providers. An internet search may get you direct contact with a company but that doesn’t mean it’s safe or less expensive. Providers typically charge more to direct customers than through your other options.

Final Thoughts

Now you know about the best roadside assistance companies and the kind of services they provide to help you get back on the road. Nonetheless, don’t forget to browse their plans and packages before choosing a service so you can compare prices for a better understanding. And if your car ever breaks down on the side of the road or any other unexpected circumstance, remember the new on-demand and automated Mach1 method. Saving customers money while you have the reassurance someone will be there to help when you need it most. While roadside assistance is important, you may be able to save yourself a little trouble with a pre-trip inspection.