Best Roadside Assistance

What is the best roadside assistance?

It always happens you least expect it. You’re driving to work or a very important appointment and just like that, you’re stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. Well, you’ve got two choices. Change the tire yourself and get your nice clothes all dirty, or use roadside assistance. Personally, I’d vote for the roadside assistance. It’s quick and efficient and service providers are trained to change tires. And, that’s great, because if you’re a typical driver like me, you were taught to change a tire by your dad when you were 16 and you haven’t changed one since.

You don’t want to get stuck on the side of the road; no one does. So, when your car has broken down or you’ve run out of gas, the safest thing to do get roadside assistance. And the best way to ensure that a roadside assistance provider comes out quickly to get you on your way and doesn’t charge is you an arm and a leg is to use the Mach1 roadside assistance app. You’ll get peace of mind from from knowing that Mach1’s help is only a click away. We’re confident that  when you look at all the offerings out there, you’ll agree that Mach1 Roadside Assistance is the best roadside assistance solution out there today!

What is the best roadside assistance?

Mach1 Roadside Assistance as the best roadside assistance solution out there because we eliminate the need for a subscription and annual memberships. Instead, drivers use an on-demand roadside app that matches and automatically dispatches local roadside providers based on the service needed, from tire changes, to lockouts to jumpstarts. Our app is quick and easy to use. No longer will you have to wait on hold, hoping that someone picks up soon, while your vehicle is broken down on the side of the road or in an empty parking lot.

Mach1 vets all of its service providers and confirms that they are insured. Our network of providers includes garages, locksmiths, tow trucks and more. And rest assured, we only work with the most talented people, so that our customers are in good hands.

Plus, Mach1 supports veterans. We waive onboarding fees to all honorably discharged veterans who are looking to become Mach1 service providers.

Mach1’s services include:

· Dead Battery

Never worry again about being stranded again. Mach1’s app will dispatch a truck to you to jump your battery. Or, you can order a tow truck if your battery cannot be charged.

· Flat Tire

You can have someone come out to change your tire, or you can order a tow service if you don’t have a spare or your flat tire isn’t accessible.

· Mobile Mechanic

Mach1 knows you’re a busy person and your time is valuable. If your vehicle needs a repair or an oil change, you no longer need to spend hours in the garage waiting room. You can find a “mobile mechanic near me” or just call Mach1, and we’ll send a service provider to come out to your home to work on your car. What can a mobile mechanic do? Find out in that article!

· Lockouts

We’ve all locked our keys in our car, or our key has broken off in the lock. Don’t worry; just use Mach1’s app and we’ll send a locksmith out with universal lock-out tools. We’ll have your car unlocked in no time! Locksmiths can do more than just get you in a locked car. Check out what does an auto locksmith do to find out everything they can do!

· Out of Fuel

Ever wondered if you can get gas delivered? Well, never worry about running out of gas again. If you ever run out of gas on a highway or while traveling to your destination, Mach1 will be out in a jiffy to refuel you at a great price!

· Non-Emergency

If you’re leery about being alone while waiting for a truck to come to service your vehicle, Mach1 will even call your local police station’s non-emergency number. You’ll always have peace of mind thanks to the Mach1 app.

· Tow Truck

Sometimes, your car can’t be fixed on the spot. In those instances, just use your Mach1 app to have a tow truck sent to your location.

· Trip Inspection

Are you going on a long driving trip? Make sure you get a pre-trip inspection before you hit the road, so you don’t have any surprises in the middle of your drive! Just use your Mach1 app and you’ll have a service provider sent out to your location to make sure your car is in good shape for the road ahead.


But what about pricing? Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to use Mach1’s app. Prices for services vary depending on what region you are in, and they’re based on fair market value. Plus, you’ll get a price estimate BEFORE you hit confirm on the service. And you won’t sign off on the final price until service is completed, so you’ll be sure the job is done to your satisfaction at a fair price.

Business Solutions

Mach1’s offerings for individuals are already pretty impressive, but there’s more. Our company will partner with your business to offer custom service packages based on your needs. So, if your business has a fleet, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from having a dedicated service provider at your fingertips. Services for businesses include:

  • White label, software license, and co-branding
  • Automated dispatch via proprietary dispatching system
  • In-app communication
  • Vetted & insured providers
  • GPS tracking for provider & customer
  • Faster response
  • Payment processing

The world of traditional roadside assistance

Now that we’ve talked about the best, let’s hear about the rest. We’ll compare the offerings of traditional roadside assistance subscription plans. Read on below as we go over the ins and outs of what happens when you google for traditional roadside assistance, what features on your car are covered, who can you call for help and what company offers the least expensive traditional roadside assistance. Plus, we’ll answer the age-old question of whether you can call AAA if you’re not a member. These are some pretty important topics, with answers that will ease your mind if you’re planning a long road trip or even a jaunt to the grocery store.

Traditional plans

Mach1 offers more solutions to your vehicle maintenance and repair issues than traditional roadside service plans. We compared our app to various popular plans, and other plans don’t offer mobile preventative maintenance, business solutions, and mobile mechanic service, to name a few. Check out what traditional roadside assistance provider Allstate covers. Although Allstate offers solutions for a lot of eventualities and gives you two different price points to choose from, it’s pretty expensive and does have its limitations.

Allstate Roadside Advantage

  • $79/year for the first year
  • 24-hour roadside assistance with up to 3 rescues and a $150 benefit
  • $1,500 trip interruption benefit – pays for meals, transportation and lodging if you’re stranded over 100 miles from home with an undrivable car
  • $100 road hazard reimbursement for damage to tires and wheels
  • Motorcycle and RV coverage
  • Discounts for oil changes, travel, entertainment, health, beauty and more

Allstate Premium Elite

  • $179 for the first year
  • 24-hour roadside assistance with up to 5 rescues a year and a $250 benefit
  • $1,500 trip interruption benefit – pays for meals, transportation and lodging if you’re stranded over 100 miles from home with an undrivable car
  • $250 road hazard reimbursement for damage to tires and wheels
  • Motorcycle and RV coverage
  • Discounts for oil changes, travel, entertainment, health, beauty and more

When you google “Roadside assistance near me” what happens next?

If you’re still not convinced that Mach1 is the best, it’s time to do some googling. Your top search result won’t necessarily be the best traditional roadside assistance plan out there, however. See, companies pay for those top listings. So you may have to scroll down to find the plan even comes close to fitting your needs. When comparing plans, you’ll need to look at ease of use, cost, and offerings, to name a few. And, again, remember, the first plan that shows up in your Google search may not be the best plan for you.

Can tires be roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance plans won’t usually bring a tire to you. What they will do is change your flat tire. Here are some of the other features offered by traditional roadside assistance plans:

  • Towing, with a maximum mile limit
  • Jumpstart
  • Fuel delivery,
  • Tire change
  • Lockout service

Who can I call for roadside assistance?

Mach1’s app takes the worry out of calling for roadside assistance. No longer will you have to wonder what is covered and will your traditional roadside assistance service send a truck with the right equipment to get you out of a jam.

If you’re not using the Mach1 app and your car breaks down, you’ll either have to already be subscribed to a roadside assistance plan or you could always Google a service station with a tow truck. You may want to take a look on how a tow truck works, and check the jump start cost to make a decision on what assistance you would need to solve the vehicle’s malfunction.

The cost could be prohibitive though, the wait could be a long time, and you never know what you’re going to get. If your roadside assistance plan only sends out a technician to jumpstart your car but you need a tow, that’s unnecessary time you’ll have to wait for the right service! For safety and security, why not download Mach1’s app before you’re stranded on the side of the road and only have enough juice in your phone for one call. Your auto insurance, extended warranty or cell phone company may offer plans, but it’s clear that Mach1’s app is superior.

Other Traditional Plans

We’ve already talked about Allstate; here are some of the other traditional plans for you to compare:

  • AAA Runs between $54 and $120 in Michigan. Your prices may be higher or lower depending on what state you live in
  • AARP (you must be 50 years or older to join) Starts at $64/year
  • Good Sam Starts at $49.95

And typical roadside assistance services include:

  • Towing
  • Jumpstart
  • Tire change
  • Oil delivery
  • Gas delivery
  • Lockout services
  • Stuck in ditch/winch services
  • Car key replacement

There are a few things to look out for though when you’re comparing roadside assistance plans to Mach1’s app:

  • The cost of a roadside assistance plan could change based on your age
  • Your car insurance could go up if you use your roadside assistance plan over 3 times a year
  • You may be required to purchase car insurance in order to purchase a roadside assistance plan
  • Some plans cover the car while others cover the driver
  • Some plans only tow a maximum of 3 miles; it’s best to avoid plans with low maximum towing mileage

Who has the cheapest roadside assistance?

GEICO’s Emergency Road Service is the least expensive roadside assistance we could find, at $14 per year. And here’s what you get for that $14:

  • Jumpstart
  • Flat tire change
  • Lockout service
  • Towing

Can you use AAA if you’re not a member?

The good thing about AAA roadside assistance is that it covers a person, not a car. So, if you don’t have a membership but you’re driving with a friend who does, and your car breaks down, your friend can use her membership to have your car towed, tire changed, etc. Just make sure the person with the AAA membership is the person who calls for service, and everything will be OK.

Time to get the best roadside assistance and get peace of mind

I hope this article has given you food for thought to help you decide on roadside assistance.  Take a test-drive of Mach1’s roadside assistance app and you’ll learn what we already know: We’re the best service provide out there. Not only will our app save you from waiting on the side of the dark road with a flat tire, it will also allow you to have your car serviced from your own driveway. No longer will oil changes and other maintenance be a hassle. Our service providers will come to you, so you won’t have to take time out from your busy schedule.

We’ve given you the best bang for your buck and the cheapest. We’ve answered your questions about what happens when you google “roadside assistance,” if tires are covered, who should you call for roadside assistance, and how to get the benefits of AAA even if you’re not a member. But, in this high-tech world, it may be time to move from traditional roadside assistance and start using the app made for busy vehicle owners like you. Take a look at the evidence and compare Mach1 with the traditional roadside assistance providers we listed above. It’s clear that Mach1 is the best. So, download the Mach1 app and get driving today!