What does a Mobile Mechanic do

What Does A Mobile Mechanic Do?

Breaking down on the side of the road is not only inconvenient, but it can be dangerous. Each year, many people are hit on the side of the road while trying to figure out what’s wrong with their vehicle. When you call a mobile mechanic, they can help get you moving again or tow you to safety.

Mobile mechanics are a network of providers that will give a stranded motorist roadside assistance. After only a simple phone call or press of a button on an app, help will be dispatched to the location. They offer many roadside services, from unlocking, jumping, and refueling a vehicle.

Whether you hit a pothole and have a flat, are stuck at work with a dead battery, locked out at the mall, or need a simple vehicle inspection before a long trip, a mobile mechanic can help you quickly. They are thoroughly trained and are typically cost much less than a traditional mechanic garage. Now let’s look at all the services mobile mechanics can offer and why you should use one.

Should I Use A Mobile Mechanic?

When asking if you need or should use a mobile mechanic, the answer is almost always yes. In most cases, you should use a mobile mechanic. If you are wondering why they are so great to use its because they:

  • Typically have a much lower cost – Mobile mechanics are almost always going to be less expensive than going to a mechanic’s shop. This is because they typically do not have a brick and mortar shop, which means less overhead and a lower cost for clients.
  • Stranded – This is the main and best reason. When you are stranded with no one to call and are worrying about the cost of paying for a tow, you can call a mobile mechanic. With a short description of what you need, they will dispatch someone to help immediately. It does not matter if you are broken down, out of gas, have a flat, or are locked out. They can help.
  • Saves Time – If you are about to take a long trip and wish you had time to stop by a mechanic’s shop for a quick inspection, you do not need to worry. Simply make a call or use the app that most mobile mechanics use and order the service. You can stay in the comfort of your home and have a reputable mechanic comes and gives your vehicle a once over.

You can find a ‘mobile mechanic near me’ and get the assistance you need for your vehicle. Different mobile mechanics sometimes offer different services, but for the most part, they are quite similar. It will all depend on what each company is set up to handle. Here’s an example of a reputable mobile mechanic service.

Mach1 Services – Mobile Mechanic Service

Mach1 Services is a mobile mechanic service that gives safe and affordable roadside assistance to people. They vet every employee very thoroughly, so there is no need to be leery. Each of their employee/providers are thoroughly trained and insured. They will not only be able to fix your vehicle but practice roadside safety also.

The way it works is Mach1 has a huge network of providers all over. This means that no matter where you break down, you can rest assured, help will be on the way with a simple phone call using the app. Night or day, it does not matter. After you make the call, that’s all you need to do. Stay in your vehicle until help arrives.

Mach1 takes care of everything. They will quickly get someone dispatched to your location. If you are worried about pricing, they do provide an estimate before you confirm your service. This will save you from being surprised by a large bill afterward.

All prices are based on the fair market value, which simply means the cost is the average cost based on the area where you live. No matter if you are stranded on the side of the road, at work, or at home, there are many services provided, and they are:

  • Flat tires – No need to worry about struggling to remove the flat and put on a spare tire. If you realized you don’t have a spare or a jack, this service is also for you.
  • Fuel fill-up – The average person doesn’t have a fuel can, and even so, the walk to a gas station can be miles in some areas. Depending on the weather, what you are wearing, and if you have kids along, you may not be able to make that kind of trek happen. They also won’t charge you an outrageous cost. Some places can charge $10 + a gallon.
  • Jumping, charging, or replacing the battery – This is a very common service need for many people. Batteries can die at the most inconvenient time. You walk out of work, ready to head home, and find your car won’t start. Everyone else is gone, and you have no way to jump your vehicle.
  • Locked vehicle – One of the most frustrating services needed. It has happened to everyone, and it is always a pain and one issue you would quickly like to have fixed.
  • Non – emergency calls – If you have broken down and need police assistance because you are on a dangerous part of the road, they can call the non-emergency number to get someone to your exact location.
  • Towing – With the cost for a tow truck service, there’s no need to call around to a bunch of tow yards and haggle prices because Mach1 knows you are stranded.
  • Trip inspection – When you don’t have time to get your vehicle inspected before a big trip, this is the service for you. Simply get them to come to inspect your vehicle as you are inside packing or taking care of last-minute needs.

They currently do not serve the whole U.S., but they do serve towns and cities in quite a few different states. Indiana and Florida list the most cities that can use this service, but they are always looking to expand to reach new communities.

Source: Mach1 – Services

How To Pay For Mach1 Services Mobile Mechanic Service?

There is an app that is free to download via their website. Once you have the app, you need to follow these simple steps to pay for your Mach1 mobile mechanic services:

  • Selecting Service – There are a set amount of services on the app mentioned above. You simply sign in and scroll through until you find the service that you need.
  • Confirming Service – The next page that pops up will show your chosen service and the rough cost. A minimum amount and the maximum amount (prices are based on the area you live in) are then displayed. You can either confirm or deny the service after seeing the price.
  • Paying – After you confirm the service, you will pay for the services right then. Some places offer payment plans. You will know before you submit/confirm anything that the cost will be. There are no shocking bills that come out of nowhere.
  • Waiting For Mechanic – Now you wait, and it is typically not a long wait. A mechanic close to you will be notified of where you are and the issue you are having. If they can, they will accept your service. When they do, their GPS will take them directly to you. At the same time, you will be able to follow them on your app to see exactly when they will arrive.
  • Services & Safety – They will perform the service that you asked for, confirming it in their app, write any needed service notes, and send you on your way.
  • Drive Away – That’s it. You are finished. You simply leave.

How To Talk To A Mobile Mechanic

3 Examples Of What To Say When Talking With A Mobile Mechanic & Describing Your Needs

Some people can easily describe every detail of what is wrong with the vehicle. However, this is not the case for many. If you are like the average person and unsure what to say, below are some common situations that may come up. You will learn what terms to use or how to describe a situation perfectly to the mobile mechanic.

Every situation is different, but with the help from these examples, you should be able to easily let the mobile mechanic know what services you need. This way, you can give the mechanic a good idea of what is needed for the job. Speak clearly and in detail.

1 – Car Won’t Start

If you got into your car and tried to start it, but nothing happened, several things could be wrong. It is typically a dead battery. You need to tell them several things clearly and slowly. You may be stressed, but you don’t want to have a miscommunication between yourself and the person coming to help. Tell them:

  • The make, model, and year of your vehicle
  • The exact sound it is making when you try and turn it over (start it/turn the key) even let them listen for a second if you can.
  • Let them know exactly where you are located, your name, phone number (in case they can’t find you)
  • Most importantly, ask for a quote or the exact amount it will cost to jump your car and/or replace your battery.
  • Ask them how long it should take them to get there. That’s it.

2- Locked Out

It is bound to happen once or ten times in your life. There are a few things to know whenever you call to let them know that you need help. Some cars require different techniques to unlock them. When you call the mobile mechanic, simply let them know:

  • The make, model, and year of your car
  • If you have power or manual locks
  • You can even tell them roughly where the lock is and what it looks like
  • Tell them exactly where you are located (if it’s a parking lot, try to give more detail so they can find you)
  • Make sure to get the exact cost of the service. There should not be a quote range when you use a lockout service. It should be a flat rate.
  • Tell them your name and call back number in case they get lost. That’s it.

3- Flat Tire

You hit a pothole or had the unfortunate luck of running over a nail in the road. You pull to the side of the road and realize you don’t have a jack, spare tire, or maybe the muscle to change a tire requires more than you can exert. Some tires that have not been rotated or changed in a while can be very tight. You can call someone to change your flat tire. Some things to say when you call the mobile mechanic are:

  • Let them know the make, model, and year of your vehicle
  • If you have a spare or not
  • Look at the vehicle’s tire well and tell them if it completely split the tire, is a small leak, if the rim looks bent, if the tire is fully of the rim, and any other information you can see.
  • Ask for a quote on a new tire or possible tow if they don’t have a tire on hand.
  • Ask for the cost of the services to come out and change the tire.
  • Give your name and phone number
  • Tell them exactly where you are

In any of these situations, if you are not exactly sure where you are, trying to remember the last road you were on and let them know landmarks to try and locate you. If worse comes to worst, most towns have a 911 communications center (they help first responders get to exact locations). They can help to locate where you are with a little help. They are truly knowledgeable about all the little roads in whatever town where they are working.

If worse comes to worse, you can learn how to change a flat tire in that article.

Using A Mobile Mechanic Service

It is easy to see why using a mobile mechanic is greatly beneficial to you and your wallet. From the decent list of services covered, mechanics quickly dispatched, and no haggling is all around a great deal for you. Mach1 is a great company and is continuing to grow its services across the whole country.