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An Awesome Benefit of Being a Service Provider With Mach1

Being a service provider with Mach1 provides a lot of convenience and self-direction in your job, especially if you’re an independent mechanic or locksmith. Mach1 provides plenty of ways for service providers to customize their experience as a subcontractor with the company.

An awesome benefit of being a Service Provider with Mach1 is how much control Service Providers have. Mach1 allows independent mechanics and techs who are vetted and insured to participate in roadside assistance on-demand. This process provides efficiency for both customers and Service Providers.

When it comes to being a Service Provider for Mach1, you only have to invest as much in the service as you’re willing to commit. There’s no need to purchase a tow truck to be a roadside mechanic if you’re going to specialize in changing flats or running gas to stranded motorists.

What Is a Service Provider at Mach1?

In general, Mach1 is an on-demand roadside assistance provider. Rather than one roadside assistance company that controls all of the employees under its umbrella, Mach1 aggregates the services of independent mechanical contractors instead.

This company operates by networking independent mechanics, tow trucks, locksmiths, and other car-related professionals to respond to roadside assistance emergencies.

This allows Service Providers to respond to specialized roadside assistance emergencies rather than being forced to be a jack-of-all-trades. For example, a mechanic who operates out of their home garage may not have their own tow truck, but may still be capable of being on call for roadside assistance to help fix a flat or change a tire.

In many cases, an independent Service Provider can reach the scene of the roadside emergency more quickly than a corporate tow truck can, and can get the customer back on the road faster as a result.

What Does a Service Provider Do?

Service Providers for Mach1 provide a wide range of different roadside assistance services for stranded motorists. These types of services include some of the following (Source: Mach1):

  • Gas delivery: Running out of gas in an unexpected place can lead to an expensive tow truck fee if you don’t know about Mach1. But Mach1 can send a Service Provider out to a motorist who has no gas to help get them filled up and back on the road.
  • Tire repair: Unless the frame or wheel rim of the vehicle was damaged during a flat tire, in many cases a flat tire can be fixed on the side of the road without much additional equipment. Independent mechanics can bring the necessary tools to get tires changed out more quickly than if drivers tried to do it themselves with no experience.
  • Lockouts: Accidental lockouts can be stressful and frightening for a motorist, especially if they occur in inclement weather or on the side of a busy freeway. The on-call locksmiths at Mach1 can ensure that motorists get back into their car and on their way as quickly as possible.
  • Dead battery: In many cases, a car stranded by a dead battery can be easily restarted again by jumping it off, but if a motorist doesn’t have jumper cables, they may be in trouble. A Mach1 Service Provider can provide a second vehicle and the jumper cables to jump off the car. They can often also diagnose minor battery issues on the spot.
  • Tow truck services: The on-call independent tow trucks at Mach1 can often reach the scene of a stranded motorist more quickly than tow trucks sourced through a company. Using a diverse network of independent trucks through Mach1 makes it easy for motorists to find a tow truck that’s close to them.

The most awesome benefit of being a Service Provider for Mach1 is that the Service Provider can specialize in whatever services they’re best able to provide.

For example, an independent locksmith could provide lockout services through Mach1 without worrying about integrating into a larger company. A mechanic who wanted to focus on minor roadside assistance without a tow truck could offer tire repair services or gas delivery instead.

Meanwhile, customers benefit from efficient, digitized roadside assistance services that don’t have to sign up for a yearly subscription.

What Steps Are Needed to Become a Mach1 Service Provider?

If you’re interested in becoming a Mach1 Service Provider, there are several steps you need to take to get started. Here are some of the things you need to do to get started.

Sign Up to Be a Mach1 Provider

The first step you need to take to become a Mach1 Service Provider is to sign up for the service as a provider through their website. To sign up, potential Service Providers need to provide their primary contact information as well as details about their business and their insurance providers. Note: All Mach1 Service Providers must have insurance.

Get Screened for Mach1 Candidacy

Once you’ve submitted your information to Mach1 to sign up, Mach1 will use your information to vet you based on a seven-point candidate check.

While the specifics of this vetting process are not common knowledge outside of the company, it’s assumed that Mach1 screens for the same types of issues as other networked rideshare-type applications such as Uber. Mach1 will look for potential problems such as some of the following:

  • DUIs or other impaired driving charges
  • Criminal record
  • Driving violations
  • Current vehicle insurance

If you pass your background check and candidacy screening, you should be contacted by Mach1 to finalize your position as a Service Provider.

Download the Mach1 Service Provider App

Once approved to be a Mach1 Service Provider, the next step in becoming a Service Provider is downloading Mach1’s Service Provider app. This software works on your smartphone or smart device and can be used to receive calls for roadside assistance in real-time.

Mach1’s Service Provider app works on an automated dispatch system. This means that you’ll receive notifications for potential roadside assistance situations automatically through the app rather than being contacted by a phone call through a dispatch office. The Service Provider app is also used for the following:

  • GPS navigation: The Mach1 network allows Service Providers to see exactly where the customer is using GPS navigation to their location. This makes it easy for Service Providers to reach their roadside assistance site without getting lost or delayed.
  • Pricing: Unlike other roadside assistance apps which may force you to haggle with the customer, Mach1 provides fixed competitive rates on a sliding scale and lets you choose your final asking price for services.
  • In-app communication: Mach1’s Service Provider app provides in-app communication that allows you to directly call or communicate with the customer so everyone is on the same page.
  • Rewards program: Along with providing competitive pay for services, the Service Provider app at Mach1 also helps Service Providers keep up with Mach1’s cashback rewards system that rewards Service Providers for keeping up with a high quantity of service calls and a consistently high customer service satisfaction rating.

Overall, the Service Provider app provided by Mach1 gives Service Providers access to all the tools they need to get started taking service calls. And once Service Providers start taking their service calls, they immediately start earning towards the Cash Back Rewards Program.

How the Cash Back Rewards Program Works

It’s easy to set up a customized service plan as a Service Provider for Mach 1, but the other major benefit of the program other than how easy it is to use is that Service Providers get cashback rewards based on meeting certain criteria with their services.

These cashback rewards basically function as a bonus system to help maintain a high level of responsiveness and quality customer service within Mach1’s network. Rather than punish people for poor ratings, Mach1 encourages its Service Providers to provide excellent service by consistently rewarding those who show it.

Here are the two main ways that Service Providers for Mach1 can win cashback rewards (Source: Mach1 Services):

  • 100 service calls: As a reward for answering 100 service calls on the Mach1 dispatch system, Service Providers win a cashback reward of $25.
  • 25 five-star customer service ratings: As a reward for receiving 25 five-star customer service ratings, Service Providers win a cashback reward of $25.

Cashback rewards are deposited directly into your account on your Mach1 app, and this money is then automatically drafted into your banking account as a weekly deposit. This means the cashback rewards program is a simple and effective way for Service Providers to pad their bottom line while improving the company’s reputation.

How to Get Started on Becoming a Mach1 Service Provider

Interested in becoming a Mach1 Service Provider. Getting started with the process is easy. While Mach1 doesn’t have full registration set up yet, it does have a sign-up page on its website which allows potential Service Providers to get drafted for candidacy. All you have to do to get started is to sign up using the steps outlined in the article above and wait to be contacted.

Here are a few additional tips for getting your feet wet when you first get started as a Mach1 Service Provider:

  • Get the appropriate tools for your service. One of the advantages of providing service through Mach1 is that you don’t have to have an entire toolbox of tools at your disposal to provide effective service, but you’ll need to have the best tools you can find for the services you signed up to provide.
  • Get a backup GPS system. While the GPS in Mach1’s app is fairly reliable, there have been some reports of the system going down mid-call. Using a backup GPS navigation system in your car can help you reach the scene of the roadside assistance no matter if Mach1’s app is having a hard time geolocating or not.
  • Keep safety in mind. It’s smart to get a reflective vest and other safety gear for changing tires in roadside assistance, especially if you’re responding to a call in the middle of the night. Be sure to bring plenty of bright lighting and stay situationally aware of any oncoming traffic.
  • Be cheerful and professional. Maintaining a high level of grooming and being polite to customers can go a long way towards earning you high customer service ratings and constant cashback rewards under the Mach1 system.

Being a Service Provider for Mach1 isn’t complicated once you’ve gone through the sign-up process. Rescuing stranded motorists can serve as a rewarding career, too.

Mach1 Service Providers Have Flexibility

There are many great benefits to being a Mach1 Service Provider, but the most awesome benefit is probably the fact that Mach1 is such a customizable experience for both customers and Service Providers alike.

By allowing customers to cherry pick which roadside assistance services they need, Mach1 helps keep costs down, this is especially true when comparing Tow Truck costs with those sourced from Mach1 and traditional sources like insurance.  This allows the company to turn around and use those saved funds to reward their best technicians for an improved customer service reputation. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.