Tow Truck Near Me

Getting The Quickest “Tow Truck Near Me” Services To You

If you like to plan ahead and play it safe when it comes to the affairs of your vehicle you may be wondering how to obtain the quickest “tow truck near me” services in the event your vehicle unexpectedly breaks down. Knowing who to contact if your vehicle breaks down will keep you safe and get you to your destination more quickly.

Getting the quickest tow truck near me services has never been easier; drivers who use Mach1 dispatch services for roadside needs are matched with providers who are best qualified to service their current problem. Mach1 aims to keep pricing competitive and fair for providers and users.  

For more information on getting the quickest “tow truck near me” or even quickest road assistance services by using the Mach1 dispatch app, continue reading.

Mach1 Services Uber-Like Tow Truck Dispatch Service

If you find yourself out and about and need a ride what do you call? Nowadays, many people will opt to call an Uber to get to their desired destination. Mach1 is taking that concept and applying it to the needs of drivers in need of roadside assistance.

In the olden days when fuel was below two dollars a gallon if your vehicle broke down, there were a few options available for getting help such as:

  • Walking to the nearest phone to call for assistance
  • Waiting on the side of the road and flagging the next driver
  • Use a cell phone to call multiple towing companies and/or mechanics for a tow or some other assistance and wait a long time for them to arrive

Now, thanks to the founders of the Mach1 roadside services dispatch app people can hit the road with the confidence that there is always a reputable Mach1 service provider in the area.

The Easy App To Get Started With Mach1

The Mach1 dispatch app for Apple or Android devices gives you access to any roadside service you need within a matter of a few short minutes.

It is easy to use and there are no membership fees or costs to use the app. The only time you have to pay is when you use the services of a roadside assistance provider.

To get started with the Mach1 dispatch app simply visit the link that matches your operating system below.

  • If you are an Apple lover click here for the ultimate Mach1 experience.
  • Android users click here for the ultimate Mach1 experience.

Once you have downloaded the app you have full access to any available provider in your area. If you ever need customer support or other assistance you can receive that help directly through the Mach1 app as they offer 24/7 help to all users. The app allows you to chat or call and speak with a trained professional who can assist you with your needs.

If you break down or need other forms of roadside assistance you will simply go to the app and describe your needs. The app will then do some quick calculations and connect you with the nearest professional who can help.

If you wish for them to dispatch this service provider it can all be done directly from the app. Once the order has been made the service provider will receive the GPS coordinates of where you are located and promptly drive to your vehicle to resolve the issue.

There is no longer a need to panic about giving directions or trying to figure out where you are any more thanks to technology and the Mach1 app.

Continue reading to learn what happens when you call a tow truck without Mach1 dispatch app.

What Happens When I Search For A Tow Truck Near Me?

If you simply go to Google and search for the nearest tow truck near me you will likely receive a multitude of results.

That is helpful if you have the time to call everyone on the list and compare services and prices, but not when you are broken down on the side of the road and need to quickly find a professional that you can trust.

Don’t Call Around – Use Mach1

That is what makes the Mach1 app so great; it quickly finds the right professional(s) for your needs, whatever they may be.

Perhaps you don’t need your car to be towed but do need some help changing a flat tire. If you go to the store and leave your lights or radio on Mach1 can dispatch a friendly professional to give you a jumpstart in no time.

Did you try to push your car just a little farther than the gas tank would allow? No problem, Mach1 can help with that too.

Are you locked out? Do you need a mobile mechanic or perhaps you just need to notify the police of a non-emergency incident?

Regardless of your needs, Mach1 will be there to get you on your way safely and for a reasonable price.

In addition to roadside services Mach1 also dispatches professionals to inspect your vehicle before a long road trip to ensure all of your fluids are topped off and everything is mechanically sound so you can travel with peace of mind.

How Much Does A Tow Truck Typically Cost?

It’s always good to be prepared, especially when it comes to finances and your vehicles. You may be wondering how much it typically costs to have a tow truck haul your vehicle somewhere so you won’t be totally shocked if or when the time comes.

Generally speaking most towing companies charge by the mile. If you are being towed locally they may charge a flat rate which can range between $50.00 – $125.00.

Other companies charge a fee to hook to your vehicle and then by the mile after that. For example, they may charge $50.00 – $75.00 to hook up and then between $2.00 – $4.00 per mile after they are hooked. Some companies may charge more for larger trucks or heavier loads. Know more on multiple vehicles on roadside assistance policy to get best charges idea depending on your vehicle.

If You’re Broke Down On The Road Let Mach1 Lighten The Load

If you don’t want to make a bunch of phone calls to multiple towing companies and mechanics shops when you have broken down the side of the road trust that Mach1 services will always keep your best interests in mind. Mach1 services is a nationwide company that can be with you no matter how far you plan on driving.