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How to Get a Tow Truck When Using Roadside Assistance

Getting stuck on the side of the road is never a pleasant experience. Not only are you in danger, but the roadside assistance you need could take a long time. Luckily, some roadside assistance services offer a partnership with tow truck companies that help you get out of dangerous broken down situations and back on the road faster.

Most auto insurance companies offer an option for a tow truck when using roadside assistance. However, some roadside assistance packages offer better pricing and options for tow trucks than others.

Even though most roadside assistance programs offered by insurance companies or other roadside help companies offer partnerships with tow companies, some services stand out above the rest. Read on in this article for more advice on how to get a tow truck near you when using roadside assistance.

What Kind of Services Do Tow Trucks Provide?

Tow trucks provide essential services for people on the roads and highways of the country. If you have a breakdown, an accident, or need service while out on the street in your vehicle, a tow truck will likely have the service that you need. Even though these services aren’t free, they are incredibly beneficial for all drivers and help keep you safe.

Some of the most common services that tow trucks provide include things that help broken down cars get back on the road or services that help move your vehicle out of dangerous situations.

These services are listed below with details about what you can expect from them, along with why they are essential.

Locked-Out Services Come In Handy

We’ve all been in the situation where we place our face up against the window of the car and see our car keys sitting on the seat inside of our locked car. Before you grab a boulder and bash the window in, consider the excellent and helpful lock-out services that tow trucks offer.

By using a professional, you get the benefit of minimal damage to your car door.

  • The tow truck driver has a long, thin piece of metal that reaches into the car.
  • They also have a small rubber bladder and plastic paddles to wedge the rubber bladder in between the door and car.
  • Once in place, they inflate the bladder just enough so the door bends out and allows them to reach the door handle or locking mechanism of the car with their long, thin metal handle.
  • Once open, they have now helped you successfully get your keys.

Using a professional for this service is recommended because they only need the minimum clearance while bending your door out. If you try it yourself, you could irreparably damage your door and never have a sealed door afterward.

Tire Changes When You Just Can’t

Getting a flat tire often leaves people stranded on the side of the road. It is one of the most common car and truck roadside issues affecting almost 220 million flat tires every year. However, if you are not comfortable using the spare kit in your car and changing the tire yourself, a tow truck driver is happy to help you out.

Tow trucks offer the service of placing a spare tire on your car so that you can get to a tire shop for a replacement. They will often have an electric air pump to get the spare to the proper inflation PSI.

Also, they may be able to offer you a spare tire for your car if you do not have one. This service is done much faster and without any effort on your part when you order the roadside service of a tow truck.

Have You Ever Needed A Battery Jump?

If you leave a light on in your car for an extended period, like overnight, the odds are that the car battery is dead. A dead battery needs to either be replaced or jumped. Tow trucks offer battery jump services to help you get back on the road quickly.

The jump service could either be done from the battery of the tow truck itself or from a portable battery jump kit, which many tow trucks offer. These jumps are quick and easy, only requiring you as the recipient to sit in the car and open your front hood so that the tow truck driver can attach the cables to the terminals on your battery.

A battery jump seems like an easy fix, but having the equipment isn’t always on the top of everyone’s mind. Tow truck services specialize in using battery charge kits that are easily accessible and useful. However, having an on-demand tow truck that offers roadside assistance is always helpful if you forget your charging cables or are in need of a jump without another vehicle nearby.

Gas Refill When Your Tank Runs Dry

Letting your gas tank get empty while driving is never a good idea. The deposits and all other solid materials that may be floating around in your car’s fuel tank soon get sucked up into the fuel filter and even into vital engine parts. However, letting your gas tank go empty and running out of gas is a reality that some drivers need help dealing with.

Tow truck drivers have fuel tanks for both unleaded gasoline and diesel that they can bring to your location quickly. These tanks give you the amount of fuel in gallons that you need to help you get your car to the nearest fueling station.

Without a gas refill, your car isn’t going anywhere. However, roadside assistance from a local tow company offers you the support you need quickly when you’ve run out of gas. Just because you are a long way away from a filling station doesn’t mean that you have to make the side-of-the-road gasoline walk of shame. Roadside service can either bring the gas to your car or provide you with a gas tank so that you can fill the vehicle yourself.

Flatbed Towing

Sometimes, that car won’t start no matter how much the battery is charged or the amount of fuel in the gas tank. Or, the car might have been totaled in an accident so badly that you can’t drive it away. If this is the case, you need a towing service with a flatbed that can haul your wrecked or troublesome car away.

Flatbed towing is an excellent service for cars that are no longer running because they don’t need your tires on the ground to move them from place to place. This puts minor wear and tear on the vehicle, and the ability to get totaled cars with extensive damage moved to a junkyard or a body shop to get worked on.

The benefit of roadside assistance that offers flatbed towing is that your vehicle is given better care. Flatbed towing provides better care because your car gets kept up off the ground on the bed of a tall truck. This keeps it out of the danger of pebbles, gravel, or sand that could get kicked up on the paint job while being towed in the traditional two-wheels on the ground fashion.

Towing When Stuck

Uh, oh! Did you forget to leave the parking brake on? If your car rolls into a ditch or the local pond, don’t fear because a tow truck service is likely the only way that you will receive help.  Getting stuck is sometimes not your fault. However, getting unstuck is occasionally an impossible situation for car owners to get themselves out of.

There are many instances when a car can get stuck beyond your ability to get it moved. A tow truck and its ability to winch your car out of the situation is the solution you need if your car is:

  • In a ditch
  • Rolled over an obstacle
  • Submerged in some water

Roadside assistance is necessary for situations where your car gets stuck so that you can get out of trouble safely and with minimal damage to your vehicle and other surround property.

A New Partnership Between Tow Trucks and Roadside Assistance

On the roads of today, roadside assistance and tow trucks now work in harmony. The services you need now are organized and called for by roadside assistance companies. Some of the best services on the road get managed through the Mach 1 Services tow truck and roadside assistance partnership. Together, they help their customers with quick logistics and reliable tow truck service calls.

How to Get Mach 1 Services

Mach 1 Services is one of the most direct roadside assistance and towing company services to get signed up for. Their customers and their experience come first, so the benefits, appointments, and sign-up are all straightforward.

To get Mach 1 roadside and towing service, simply download the app or contact their customer service today. The phone center is awaiting your call with friendly service personnel to get you signed up and ready for roadside assistance and tow truck services.

How Mach 1 Services Works

Mach 1 Services does not require membership. Instead, you simply pay for the service that you need when you need them. That’s it! The convenient 24/7 available services are easy to use with the phone app. Once you enter your location in the app and your needed services, Mach 1 Services reaches out to their network of preferred and reliable tow truck companies to get your needs met and your roadside assistance underway in a timely manner.

Finally, even if you don’t know where you should take your car, Mach 1 Services offers help in finding a:

  • Body shop
  • Tire store
  • Auto shop

“We can search for and help you find and work with a local auto shop near you from our list of preferred shops.” ~ Mach 1 Services ~

One of the best services of Mach 1 is your ability to customize the tow truck and roadside service to your needs. From the convenience of the app directions, you can choose where your car:

  • Is sent
  • The type of service you need
  • Even if you prefer flatbed or tow behind tow services

Overall, the Mach 1 Services app is your one-stop shop for all of your roadside assistance needs.


Every driver in America should have a reliable roadside assistance program and tow truck backing them up should they get in any trouble on the roads or highways. Getting stuck with car troubles is not only annoying, but it can leave you in dangerous and avoidable situations as well as paying for more than you should.  Traditional services like the cost of a Tow Truck are expensive!

Getting out of these situations is the job of your reliable roadside assistance company, so make sure you have a good one. With Mach 1 Services, you can expect the customized, quality, and reliable roadside assistance from tow truck companies near you that you need to drive your vehicle with confidence.