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The Best Roadside Service Company on The Road!

There are a lot of roadside service companies out there, and each of them has several different plans. However, Mach1 offers a unique take on the classic roadside assistance formula. There has been a lot of buzz about Mach1’s modern approach to roadside assistance.

Mach1 Services offers a very different approach compared to other roadside assistance companies.  Instead of requiring you to pay a monthly or yearly subscription whether or not you use their service, Mach1 allows you to simply download their app and request service only when it is actually needed.

We know roadside assistance is important, and any change to a business model that has been around for so long can be a bit confusing.  Read on, and we’ll explain how Mach1 works and why it is right for you and your family!

Why Mach1 Services is the Best Roadside Service Company

So, we have established that Mach1 Services does business in a radically different way than its competitors right off the bat.  However, there is far more that sets Mach1 apart than just a lack of a monthly fee.

Mach1 has completely reimagined how a roadside assistance company can work and grow.  This leads to more convenience for its customers, better care, and the potential to grow even bigger as a roadside assistance company.

Of course, it is not enough to just talk about the business model.  There are many more details that factor into why Mach1 Services is the best roadside service company. So, let’s go over the services the Mach1 offers to its customers.

Roadside Services Mach1 Offers

Mach1 offers the same services that you would find at any other roadside assistance company, just without the fees. That makes monthly fees for roadside assistance seem silly, right? Especially knowing that there’s a different service out there that can jump in and save the day all the same.

These services include solutions to car trouble.  Did your car break down on the side of the road?  Use your Mach1 app to request a tow truck near you.  Did you run out of gas or get a flat tire?  Avoid a long walk along the highway to get what you need, instead use the gas delivery service or other roadside services that Mach1 provides!

Not only are these standard services offered, but in some cases, experts are able to meet you to fix your car without a tow.  Locking your keys in your car is the worst, especially on a road trip.  With Mach1, you can call a locksmith to come to you and open your car. (You can also learn how to unlock your car with your keys inside. Check out that article to find out how!)

Mach1 even offers solutions to more complicated car troubles.  With their mobile mechanic program, even if your car has completely malfunctioned, they may be able to fix it in the field, without the inconvenience and cost of getting it towed!

Finally, Mach1 also offers a service that connects you to the local non-emergency police line.  This is especially helpful for car trips, as it can be difficult to find that number in an unfamiliar area.

If you get into a fender-bender, you will want a police report for your insurance.  However, most incidents like this do not warrant a 911 call.  Mach1 helps you minimize your inconvenience without tying up emergency phone lines.

Overall, Mach1 offers a wide variety of services, and you would be hard-pressed to find yourself in a roadside emergency that they can’t handle.  All for no monthly fee!

How Mach1 Works to Meet Your Roadside Needs

So, Mach1 offers top-notch services, but I bet you are wondering how they actually accomplish that.  Do they have their own franchises across the country, or do they own their own shops?  Actually, they do something a little different.

As a new roadside assistance company, Mach1’s goal is to spread its coverage throughout the country as quickly as possible.  That way, they can help you wherever you might travel.

In other words, it is much more efficient to use existing talent and infrastructure instead of building their own from the ground up.  For this reason, Mach1 gives you access to its service providers through a partnership system.

This means that Mach1 has gone around the country and formed agreements with local repair shops, towing companies, and locksmiths to grow the area they cover.  When you request service from the app, one of these local businesses answers your call!

Not to worry, though.  Though these establishments are independent, Mach1 goes through a rigorous seven-step vetting process.  This is to make sure these service providers are competent, ethical, and safe.

That is the secret to Mach1’s quality service and explosive growth.  By simply leveraging existing talent across the country, Mach1 has built a network of proven professionals.  All you have to do is download the app.

By combining quality with explosive growth, Mach1 has grown quickly to meet your roadside assistance needs.  They currently have their highest concentration of partner shops throughout the Gulf coast, from Eastern Texas to Florida.

However, they also have many partners throughout the midwest.  Considering Mach1 was only founded in 2017, this showcases an impressive amount of growth.  If you do not live in these areas, keep up to date with their service tracker here.  With any luck, they will have expanded to your town soon enough!

Is Traditional Roadside Assistance Worth Getting Anymore?

So, now you know the greatest strengths of Mach1’s business model, the question remains: if you can get roadside assistance without paying a monthly or yearly fee, why does anybody do it?

The shortest answer to this question is inertia.  What I mean by that is many people are set in their ways, and they expect to pay a monthly fee for a roadside assistance service.  That is how it has been done for decades, so why not continue.

It also has to do with Mach1’s area of coverage.  Though Mach1 has grown explosively in a short amount of time, it still has a ways to go before it has the same level of nationwide coverage as a more established brand like AAA.

That being said, it is only a matter of time until Mach1 achieves that level of coverage.  So once that happens, why would anybody pay for a monthly subscription when roadside assistance can be purchased as it is needed?

There are a couple of reasons. A big reason people pay monthly fees for roadside assistance has little to do with roadside assistance. Many of these companies offer their subscribers discounts and coupons on unrelated services.

Many of these discounts are related to travel, such as coupons for restaurants and hotel rooms.  Specialized roadside assistance companies like Sam’s Club offer discounts on campground rentals and stores that sell outdoor sporting goods.

However, in many cases, these coupons have nothing to do with travel at all.  Some companies offer coupons for certain brands of laptops, retail goods, and even prescription medicine.

In other words, many people pay monthly fees for roadside assistance, not for the actual roadside service, but as a way to save money on their shopping.  Think of these companies as Amazon Prime for Baby Boomers.

Another reason somebody might prefer paying a monthly fee to individual prices if they anticipate having to call for roadside assistance often.  This can make a flat rate more appealing to a buyer,

For example, if they are a traveling salesman and spend more time on the road than at home, they are likely to need roadside assistance at some point.  Or consider somebody who owns an unreliable car and can’t afford a new one.

While this does make sense, it is not necessarily the best way to go.  Sure, some monthly payment plans offer unlimited service, but most have some limitations.  Many firms limit the number of miles your car can be towed, and others even limit the number of times you can call for roadside assistance per year.

After you exceed these limits, you have to pay full price out of your own pocket anyway.  This is not to say that monthly subscriptions are never worth it, just that they are sometimes not as great a deal as they seem, even if you do need a lot of roadside assistance.

So again, is a traditional roadside assistance plan worth it?  Only if you are driving enough to need it, or if you will use the random assorted discounts enough to be worth it.  It is nice to have peace of mind, but Mach1 allows you to have access to roadside assistance at the push of a button.

Monthly fees can be worth it if you use the roadside assistance service more than most people.  But if you are purchasing it, for this reason, read the terms carefully, because if you do use the service a lot, you may run out of coverage under some plans.

In other words, the plan that is right for you depends on what it is you need.  Mach1 is a great service and probably applicable to most people, but maybe you don’t fall into that category!  Just read the terms carefully, and be honest about what you will need.


Mach1 Services is a rapidly growing roadside assistance firm that has revolutionized how we can get help when we need it.  Without monthly or annual fees, Mach1’s customers are free to pay as they go, and only when they need it.

Backed by the latest smartphone technology, Mach1 has also made it more convenient than ever to call for roadside assistance.  By simply downloading the app, you are all set!

The biggest stumbling block Mach1 faces is its relatively small coverage.  Companies like AAA have coverage not only in the United States but often in Canada and Mexico as well.  This is a major consideration for many people purchasing Roadside Assistance plans.

However, all signs point to Mach1 being able to close this gap fairly soon.  Its unique business model, allowing it to use already existing local talent to provide services to its customers, allows it to move into an area very quickly.

For a company that has only been around since 2017, Mach1 is expanding rapidly.  And when Mach1’s location coverage is able to become as consistent as other major players, there will be few downsides to using it.

So if you are lucky enough to live in and are serviced by Mach1, go ahead and download the app!  It isn’t as if it costs anything.  With luck and some patience, you should be able to access Mach1’s convenient brand of roadside assistance anywhere in the country soon enough.

In the meantime, drive safe!